You Can Do It, Rosie!

You Can Do It, Rosie!

Written by Elena Browne, Illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald

‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ says Aoife. But poor Rosie is an old dog. Can she do it?

With a little imagination and lots of help from everyone they meet along the way, of course she can!

A trip to the park can be just as magical as any adventure to the mountains or the sea - as long as Rosie is there!

Hardback: €12.99
Hardback: 32 pages
Size:260x215 mm
ISBN: 9781788492898

‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ says Aoife. But poor Rosie is an old dog. Can she do it?

Find out what happens when Rosie sets out on a very special walk. With a little imagination and lots of help
from all sorts of people and creatures along the way, everyone knows, ‘You can do it, Rosie!’

Aoife discovers that a trip to the park can be just as magical as any adventure to the mountains or the sea - as long as she has Rosie with her! 

Elena Browne Brian Fitzgerald

ELENA BROWNE has worked in the book industry for many years and now works in publishing. She loves books and dogs, so decided to combine the two in Take the Lead; How to Care for your Dog published in 2020. You Can Do It, Rosie! is Elena’s first picture book and is very close to her heart.

BRIAN FITZGERALD feels most at home illustrating children’s picture books, encouraged by winning the International Silent Book Competition in Bologna. His most recent books are I Don’t Want To Go To School, Does an Astronaut Drive a Tractor? and Does a Firefighter Fly a Rocket? He has had the pleasure of seeing five of his books brought to life on ‘Vooks’. He lives and works in Dún Laoghaire.

I read this book to two classes of 29 Junior Infants and it was a big hit with both! ... From the outset the children loved the character of Rosie. Many of them have pets at home and were keen to compare Rosie to their own dogs in terms of size, colour and age – all useful learning experiences! They listened attentively to the story, which gripped them from the beginning, and enjoyed the pattern and sequencing of the narrative (mountains, sea, park etc.) and the animal noises incorporated along the way. It was a good opportunity for them to think about what noises certain animals make. Rosie’s story was set in environments familiar to small children (the park, the butcher’s, the bus stop, the bakery etc.) and the children liked talking about their own local community and neighbourhood. The illustrations were clear and attractive and held the children’s attention. Without a doubt their absolute favourite part of the book was when Rosie became a pirate! They especially loved the idea of her hunting for treasure in her cape and her pirate hat! In the classroom setting this is a lovely book to address the positive character strengths of Resilience and Perseverance. The story illustrates the power of imagination, and teaches us that through friendship and kindness and encouragement from good people anything is possible. “Adventure and kindness is the key, to unlock a world for you and me”, was our favourite line. When asked to give a score to “You Can Do It,Rosie!” the Junior Infants decided to award it “A million out of 10”! It’s hard to argue with that, but perhaps a more realistic and very well-deserved score would be 9 out of 10. This is a lovely book for children from Junior Infants to 1st or even 2nd Class, and a valuable addition to any classroom or home - By Michelle O’ Sullivan, Deputy Principal, Scoil San Treasa, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin.

Seomra Ranga

The heartwarming story of an old dog who needs a bit of help. She can’t go on great big adventures any more, but she can go to the park — with the help of the local community who all cheer her along. A warm-hearted tale with child-friendly, cheerful illustrations

Irish Independent

with the encouragement of her whole village and her beloved owner, Rosie makes it around her neighbourhood and has plenty of fun while she does it

Grainne O’Brien, O’Mahony’s Booksellers, Limerick in the Sunday Times Ireland

a heartwarming tale of dogs and community. Aoife wants to go on an adventure but her canine companion Rosie is an old dog for the hard road. Can family and community help? Elena Browne’s lovely narrative sings the benefits of friendships, kindness and encouragement.

Sunday Independent

a lovely, gentle picturebook about friendship across all ages, and finding adventure in the everyday

Irish Farmer's Journal

A sweet book that promotes kindness and empathy and novel ideas to navigate obstacles

Irish Examiner

offers its own insights into achieving empathy for those who need a little extra time and patience from the people around them. Aoife wants to go on adventures to the mountains or sea, but even a trip to the park is a challenge for the family’s ageing dog Rosie. “Sometimes we all need a little help,” says the postwoman, as she gives Rosie a spin in her bicycle trailer, and with members of the local community offering words of encouragement and tasty snacks along the way, Rosie proceeds on her arduous journey. As she passes the bookshop, How Rosie Did It by Virginia Woof is displayed in the window alongside copies of You Can Do It, Rosie! and Elena Browne’s previous doggie title, Take The Lead. With a little imagination, Aoife’s trip to the park proves just as exciting an adventure as one further afield, and the most important thing is that she is side-by-side with her friend Rosie

The Echo

a story about a loveable old dog that, with a little help and encouragement from friends along the way, proves that adventures can happen at any age. Rosie’s owner, Aoife, wants to take a trip to the mountains or by the sea, but soon discovers that some of the best days are spent right outside your front door. The illustrations paint a wonderful picture of all the different people and creatures Rosie, Aoife, and her dad meet along the way. They capture the importance of being surrounded by a caring community which really brings this little tale to life. Browne captures the significance of having a pet that you grow with, love, and cherish and how animals hold a very special place in our hearts. This book is for all the dog lovers out there. Recommended for ages three to six years

Irish Examiner

This gentle story, in which a little girl and an old dog find adventure together, is very charming and rooted in a setting that all children will recognise. Aoife and her dad are getting ready to go out, and Aoife feels like an adventure, perhaps a trip to the mountains or the sea. But ‘It’s too much for poor Rosie’ says Dad, referring to the grey muzzled dog in her basket. A trip to the park can be filled with adventure though, if you’re ready to use your imagination and with the help of friends and neighbours … Rosie is a lovable and reassuring presence in the story, and children will enjoy following her route, and identifying the settings and people they know from their own lives. The book’s message of resilience and perseverance is an important one, as it quietly demonstrates that with imagination and the support of other people, just about anything is possible

Books for Keeps

An absolutely lovely book … warm the cockles of your heart if you are a dog-owner … Utterly charming … Beautifully illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald … It’s a lovely message … no matter who you are you can do it … that lesson of encouraging someone can make such a difference’

WLR FM’s The Saturday Café

Utterly delightful tale about the power of community support and the love between girl and dog. Lovely, warm illustrations with plenty of background details make this a great book to reread 

The Bookaneer

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