Winning a Losing Battle

Winning a Losing Battle

From 41 Stone to a New Life

In January 2011 Gary Kirwan was morbidly obese, weighing over 41 stone. This book tells of his dramatic weight loss in the last two years. Taking the reader through the beginnings of his weight problem in childhood and early twenties, it follows his story to finally achieving control over his weight.

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'Gary Kirwan is inspirational. He talks the talk and walks the walk. You'll be impressed by Gary's determination, discipline and downright doggedness in his attempt to achieve his weight-loss goal.' Ray D'Arcy

In January 2011 Limerick man Gary Kirwan was morbidly obese, so heavy that no domestic scales would take his weight. In desperation, he contacted The Ray D'Arcy Show's 'Fix it Friday' slot looking for a scales that could measure his exact weight and was weighed live on air; the verdict was worse than he ever imagined - 41 stone 3 pounds. He was devastated, but decided that this was the first day of the rest of his life …

This is the story of Gary's dramatic journey from the beginnings of his obesity problem in childhood and the isolation and depression when he was at his heaviest, to taking control and becoming a new person. Today, he's outgoing, happy and loves life; he has even completed marathons and triathlons.

Gary's transformation has gripped the nation, and he's determined to help other overweight people take control and find a whole new happy healthy life. Read Gary's weight-loss diary: his ups and downs, the determination to succeed, and the family and friends who, once he decided to make a change, supported him all the way. Get tips and expert advice from Gary's trainer and nutritionist to and learn how to lose weight and feel great …

In January 2011 Gary Kirwan was morbidly obese, weighing over 41 stone. With the help of Today FM’s Ray Darcy Show, he has so far lost 13 stone, finished the Dublin City Marathon and was able to return to college, currently studying Management and Marketing in Limerick Institute of Technology.

not your typical weight loss book or diet book

a touching and very human view of how it feels to stand out from the crowd in both a negative and finally a positive way

everyone should read this book

this book has changed my view of life and shows me I can be who I want to be

I found it impossible to put the book down

hopefully this book will encourage many others who suffer from weight problems to begin their own road to recovery

will help others to begin to take control of their weight

Health Magazine

'a great read'

Ray D’Arcy

The Author Speaks

  • Gary Kirwan’s motivational tips for a healthier you!

    Are you feeling that you overindulged this Easter? Do you want to get fitter for the summer? Don’t worry we’re here to help! The inspirational Gary Kirwan author of Winning A Losing Battle has given us his top motivational tips for kick-starting a healthier lifestyle starting today!

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