Vet on the Loose

Vet on the Loose

Whether castrating horses or tending to stoned Alsatians, Gillian Hick's sense of humour never deserts her in this engaging account of her life as a vet.

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The Hair-Raising Adventures of an Irish Vet.

Whether castrating horses in Dublin's inner city or dehorning cattle in the wilds of Wicklow, rescuing mangled cats from mongrels or tending to stoned guard dogs, vet Gillian Hick's sense of humour never deserts her in this engaging account of the challenging situations she encounters in the course of her work as a newly qualified veterinary surgeon.

Not only does she have to deal with the animals and their ailments, but she also has to contend with the perils of matchmaking mothers and macho farmers -- not to mention the guys who want to know 'where is the real vet?'

Gillian Hick

Gillian Hick was born in Dublin and has practised as a vet both in Dublin and in Wicklow for the many years. She also works for the Irish Blue Cross. She lives in Co. Wicklow, where she has her own practice, with her husband, three children, and a large assortment of four-legged companions.

'This book is just hilarious. Suffice to quote the story of Gillian being called out to tend a guard dog called Rambo, who 'could best be described as a cross between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Rottweiler, with a bit of German Shepherd thrown in for good measure'. When she nervously approaches the giant beast in his kennel, the diagnosis was obvious. 'Rambo was stoned'. It emerged that the vigilent guard dog had chased off a drug dealer -- then consumed the prohibited substances abandoned in the persuit. This is Gillian Hick's first book, but will no doubt be the first of many in the James Herriot mould.'


'An enjoyable light-hearted look behind the scenes at the world of veterinary medicine. Buy it for a would-be veterinary student or anyone who comes from a farming background - it's sure to please.'

The Irish World

It's an engaging account of the situations she encounters where the humans are often more problematic than the animals, particularly the guys who want to know where the real vet is.'

Irish Independent The Irish Independent

'Lively sense of humour, and a pleasant, easy-going writing style. Animal lovers will be well-pleased with her pacy anecdotes'

The Irish Examiner Irish Examiner

'Gillian is not afraid to tell of her failures, nor is she ashamed to admit to shedding a few tears from time to time. There is nothing boastful or egotistical. It is very well written in an easy-flow style, and it would make a lovely ... present for an animal lover, especially one who does not object to gory details.'

Irish Farmer's Journal
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