Think about the three Owl Babies

Date: 14 Mar 2013 by Support
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A few thoughts on ways to think about the three owl babies

Think about the three baby owls

  • Sarah is the big sister. She feels that she must be strong and take care of Persy and Bil. Maybe she has other feelings inside herself -- why do you think that she gets them all to sit on her branch?

    Have you got a big sister? What's it like having a big sister? Is it fun? Do you argue?

    Are you the big sister? What's it like being the big sister? Maybe you're the big brother? What's it like?

  • Percy is in the middle. He tries hard not to panic, and knows that their mother goes out to get their food, but ...

    Are you in the middle in your family? Are you sometimes called "the ham in the sandwich"? Are there two or three of you in the middle? Is it difficult to have brothers and sisters older than you and younger than you?

  • Bill. Well, what about bill? He wants his mummy and he's too small to feel anything else. Sometimes we're all like that, even grown-ups!


Maybe you have no brothers or sisters -- sometimes that can be lonely and sometimes it suits you fine.


When their owl mother comes back she
and it was

Why did I pick these words all beginning with S? How do they help the story?

It can be fun using workds tht begin with the same letter. Why don't you try it?

What about words starting with B or M or L?

You could make up your own tongue twisters ... Do you know the one for S that begins "she sells seashells on the sea shore"?