The Missing Referee

The Missing Referee

Croke Park Mice

Written by Ruth Croke and Triona Croke, Illustrated by Audrey Dowling

A GAA picture book for children by Ruth and Triona Croke, charmingly illustrated by Audrey Dowling.

Hardback: €12.99
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Published: March
Hardback: 32 pages
Size:260x215 mm
ISBN: 9781788490559

Category: Picture Book

Series: Croke Park Mice

Do you know the secret about Croke Park? When there are no games happening on the pitch, the Croke Park mice play their own games there! Right out in the middle of the pitch! 

There are thirty-two mice, one from each county in Ireland. They live under the stands and watch every match from their tiny mouse holes. But on the day of the All-Ireland final, the referee is nowhere to be found! Can the Croke Park mice find the referee in time to save the day - and the match? 

A GAA picture book for children by Ruth and Triona Croke, charmingly illustrated by Audrey Dowling.


Ruth Croke

Ruth Croke learned to read at the age of three and hasn’t stopped reading since! She works in Ireland and New York as a marketing and public relations consultant. She loves all animals and as a member of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, she has rescued many pets over the years. Ruth used to be just terrified of mice, but one day she met a friendly little mouse warming his tiny toes by her fireplace. She suddenly realised that they are the cutest – and most misunderstood – creatures on earth. She decided that she was going to represent them and share their funny stories with the world. Because in the end, she knew that all they really needed was some good publicity! 

Triona Croke

Triona Croke lives between Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. She discovered that all mice behave the same no matter where in the world you happen to be. Regardless of her travels, to this day her favourite destination is her imagination, where she finds all sorts of creatures having remarkable adventures. 

Audrey Dowling

Audrey Dowling is a French artist and illustrator living in County Kilkenny. She initially pursued a career in the fashion industry in Paris but somehow ended up in the Irish countryside. Her surroundings inspire her work, as well as folklore from all cultures, fairy tales and vintage imagery. Her universe is colourful and narrative, often praised as graceful and poetic.

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