The Match in Millisle

Date: 14 Mar 2013 by Support
Location: N/A
Commentary on the football match between the Refugee Camp and Millisle Village, by Colman Hanley, pupil at Stratford National School, Dublin.

The Match
Welcome to the football match between the Refugee Camp and Millisle Village. This is going to be an exciting game and either team could win it. The match is just about to kick off now, but wait ... a player has just come in at the last minute and it seems to be ... yes, it is Grace Doherty. I wonder is this is history in the making, because I've never seen a girl playing in a football game in my life before, but the village team doesn't seem to have any problem about Grace lining out. Let's just hope she can stay the pace.

Five minutes into the match
We've just played five minutes so far and the Refugee manager -- Wee Billy, as they call him -- is shouting out all sorts of instructions. And here's a great chance for Millisle Village and, yes, it's a GOAL! It's Refugee Camp nil, Millisle Village one, and the Camp's goalkeeper Gaby is furious with his defence.

Forty minutes into the match
Here comes the camp on the attack. And that's a nice header by Peewee. Norman Isaac is through in on goal, but what a great save by Bobby Hackett in the Village goal! And he made that save look very easy as the ball is cleared away.

Forty-five minutes into the match
So, coming up to half-time and it looks like it will be one-nil to Millisle Village at the break. But wait, here they come on the counter-attack, and there's a shot and a GOAL! It's two-nil to the Village and can the Refugees come back? As the whistle blows for half-time, the two teams take a break and get their instructions from their managers.

Second Half
Now the two teams are getting ready to kick off for the second half and neither seems to have made any changes at half-time. I can see the Refugee's centre-half Karl Muller from Vienna is warming up.

Forty-seven minutes into the match
Here comes Millisle Village on the counter-attack and there's a fantastic shot but what a great save by Gaby in the Camp's goal, and that could keep them in the game. And the crowd has really started to get behind the Refugees as the game is starting to come alive.

Eighty-nine minutes into the match
Here comes the Refugee Camp on the attack, and Pee Wee has it as he passes the ball to Danny Grun, and back to Peewee and on to Grace Doherty and she gets past one and she shoots and it’s a GOAL! Grace Doherty has scored for the Refugee Camp! The crowd goes wild as the final whistle blows and the two teams are being applauded off the pitch. The final score is Refugee Camp one, Millisle Village two. This has been an absolutely brilliant match for which both sides deserve great credit.

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