The Lost Fairy

The Lost Fairy

Written by Marian Broderick, Illustrated by Aileen Caffrey

What happens to the Christmas tree fairy who falls off her perch?

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ISBN: 9781847177391

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What happens to the Christmas tree fairy who falls off her perch?

Flora the fairy reckons she is the most important part of Christmas and the most beautiful fairy ever! But Flora has heard worrying stories that some families put a star on the top of the tree. Can you image in it? A mere star! Flora makes sure to kick the star back down a few branches every time she sees it advancing up the tree.

But when Flora falls off the tree, the vain and selfish fairy has much to learn before she can regain her rightful place on the Christmas tree.

Marian Broderick

Marian Broderick is a writer and editor who lives and works in London. She is second-generation Irish; her parents are from Donegal and Limerick. She spent every summer of her childhood in Ireland and has developed strong links with the place and the people. Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives from History proved hugely popular on publication in 2001 and Marian furthered her research to bring the reader more wild Irish women in Bold, Brilliant & Bad: Irish Women from History (2018).

even though it looks like a “girly” book, the book is easily read by both boys and girls aged 6 and over. It would also be enjoyed as a bed time story for younger children, like my sisters

Paddy, 2nd Class, for

I would definitely tell my friends to read The Lost Fairy, especially the ones who believe in fairies like me

The Lost Fairy

'A lively, funny and satisfying read.'

The Sunday Tribune The Sunday Tribune

'A lovely Christmas story.'

Clare Ranson - The Pat Kenny Show
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