The Great Pig Escape

The Great Pig Escape

Written by Linda Moller, Illustrated by Donald Teskey

Runtling the pig and his siblings narrowly escape the terrible fate of being sold at the market. While making their way across country, they learn all sorts of new things about themselves, about humans and about the world outside the farmyard.

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ISBN: 9780862786670

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ISBN: 9781847174956

Category: Children's fiction

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When the farm cat warns Runtling the pig of his approaching fate, he realises that the trip to market is one which he must avoid at all costs and he rushes off to warn his long-lost siblings of the danger. Together the thirteen pigs escape and make their way across country, learning all sorts of new things about themselves, about humans and about the world outside the farmyard.

It seems that their troubles are over when they find an abandoned farm. Then the new owners take possession of their land and the pigs fear that their escape has been in vain.

But Nick and Polly Faraway have strange, alternative ideas about farming and a lifestyle which may work to the benefit of pigs and humans. Maybe there can be a happy ending after all!

Linda Moller is a member of Friends of the Earth, and has spent time as a hill farmer in Wales. She believes that a greener and better world is a realistic goal, and would enhance the lives of both humans and animals. She has written for the Observer and the Guardian. Her film, To Be a Horse, was shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

'... a good book because it is full of adventure and has a good ending ... After reading this book, I think I will become a vegetarian. Pigs are not really dirty, smelly animals. They earn that reputation from the farmers. Pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs.'

The Irish Times 11-year-old reviewer - The Irish Times

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