Stone Buildings

Stone Buildings

Conservation. Restoration. History

How to build, conserve or renovate stone buildings in the authentic way. Learn how to uncover how buildings were constructed, and to renovate them sympathetically using traditional techniques and materials.

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This book is a plea for a sympathetic approach to the conservation and repair of traditional stone buildings. These beautiful buildings are in danger of disappearing from the landscape because they are not yet properly understood. Here is a book about saving them by applying traditional techniques in a sympathetic manner, using materials and methods that are in harmony with their nature.

Patrick McAfee, a stone-mason, conservation consultant and author of the bestselling Irish Stone Walls, shows how traditional stone buildings were originally constructed; he outlines the traditional techniques, tells how the stone was worked and details the proper methods of repair and maintenance. As well as dealing with stone, the book also covers lime mortars and other traditional finishes.

Includes a survey of stone buildings world-wide.

Much of the information is practical, hands-on, and intended for the enthusiastic householder as well as the more experienced builder, with step-by-step instructions from an acknowledged expert.

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee is a stone mason and lectures widely, both in Ireland and abroad, on all aspects of stonework. You can visit his own website here.


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Stone Buildings
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