Stand By Me

Stand By Me

What if something happened long ago that still makes you sad? Graham is Molly and Beth’s favourite uncle, so they really want to help him fix the past – and since the girls know of a mysterious door that can take them back in time, maybe they can!



Children's Book of the Year (Senior) - 2017

Irish Book Awards - Winner

Paperback: €9.99
Paperback: 256 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781788490092

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781847179944

Series: Time After Time

In the second book in the Time After Time series our favourite time-travelling best friends are back!

What if something happened long ago that still makes you sad? Graham is Molly and Beth’s favourite uncle, so they really want to help him fix the past – and since the girls know of a mysterious door that can take them back in time, maybe they can! But how can they find who they’re looking for without apps or social media? And what will the girls make of the 60s, where the hairstyles are wild, the slang is weird and no one’s heard of ciabatta?

And can they help Graham fix a friendship that was destroyed back in 1960? The girls soon discover that fun with friends is just the same whatever time you live in and that real friendship lasts forever – even when you’re apart.

This is an exciting story about time-travel, family, friendship and love.

Judi Curtin

Judi Curtin is the best-selling author of the ‘Alice and Megan’ series, the 'Eva' series and the 'Time After Time' series, about Beth and Molly, accidental time-travelling best friends. Judi won the Children's Book of the Year (Senior) at the Irish Book Awards in 2017 for Stand By Me. Her current series, about Lily, is set in the famous Lissadell House in Co Sligo.

an amazing sequel to “Time after Time” and a touching book that blends two diverse themes of fantasy and reality … spellbinding .. A tale heart-warming throughout with a lesson we will never forget about friendship and love. We rate this book 8 out of 10 and it’s definitely a must-read for bookworms over 10! Prachi and Aya, 6th Class, St. Brigid’s School, Dublin

Judi Curtin sensitively navigates the intensity and fun of female friendships

Sunday Independent

oodles of humour and light-hearted fun, this is a book that squeezes many different emotions into a story and features inter-generational relationships, and a look back at personal histories … The book delves into feelings of guilt and blame, but is mainly about friendship – how we deal with adversities with friends, and how friendships last or break up, but overwhelmingly the feel of the book is light-hearted, with much fun, humour and liveliness. Music is prevalent too, not only in the book titles, which are taken from song titles, but in scenes in the book, and the illustrations throughout. It’s interesting how quickly we define eras by the music created during the time. A fun look at friendship and fixing the past

Minerva Reads

A warm and addictive read about the effect the past has on our lives. I love time travel. Time-travel, time-slip, and books where protagonists come to terms with events in their own past. The past makes us … I like the style of this story. It’s time-travel, but would be suited to readers of contemporary fiction. There is nothing fantastical about the time-travel. It just enables the girls to see a wider scope of their family’s lives. I hope to read the first novel, and am pleased to see Judi Curtin has a back list. Can’t wait to indulge

Book Murmuration

a real page turner

Curtin, often compared to Jacqueline Wilson, has won legions of young fans with her pacy and emotionally engaging stories

Belfast Telegraph

a fast-moving story of friendship past and present, which keeps the reader interested to the very last page

Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reading Guide 2017

mysterious and exciting and every time I finished a chapter, I couldn’t wait to read the next. I would recommend this for children aged between 8-10. If Judi Curtin wrote any more Molly and Beth books, I would definitely read them!

With warmth, humour and real heart, Judi Curtin reveals experiences and relationships that are genuine. The artistry and gentleness with which the relationships between the generations and the ensuing drama are purposeful, while never interrupting the pace of the story… Molly and Beth are well-drawn characters, easy to relate to and you will feel they could step out of the book and be welcome in your world (as they would welcome you to theirs.) Their friendship is completely convincing and the reader is wholly drawn in … While there are plenty of smiles to be had as they travel back and forth in time (especially when Beth and Molly confront a time with no internet or modern technology!), be ready with the tissues, especially when all is revealed. This is a book that is entertaining, thoughtful, moving and an incredible amount of fun! A book about real friendship at the heart of an incredible adventure and all the possibilities it brings. Just love it!

Fallen Star Stories

Judi Curtin writes brilliantly about friendship, and this new book is no exception … Stand By Me is an enjoyable and entertaining read, with a lot of warmth to it


I really enjoyed this book, and my first Judi Curtin book definitely will not be my last


really really great story about friendship and love and understanding … I would 100% recommend this book to anyone [aged 9 – 14]

Fred Weasley Died Laughing

a brilliant read … a wise and funny novel for readers aged 8+ about friendship

Sarah Webb

the second full-length volume in her series about two time-travelling best friends, though as with all her work, Curtin’s main concern is the dynamic between friends and among family members rather than complicated science-fiction … the commentary about the dangers of overly relying on technology is gentle, and the injustices of the past – particularly relating to the treatment of those with disabilities – are also confronted … technically an easy read, but the novel’s emotional impact shouldn’t be underestimated

Irish Times

The follow-up to the well-received time-slip adventure Time after Time, Stand By Me again stars best-friends turned stepsisters Molly and Beth and sends them time-travelling once more… While there are some excellent jokes at the girls’ expense as they grapple with the peculiarities of a time that seems a million light years away from where we are now, it’s not really the time travel element that is the biggest concern for Judi Curtin, rather it’s the opportunities it provides to examine a relationship and emotions that have developed over time … Judi Curtin is at her best when writing about feelings and relationships. She does so with a delicacy and sensitivity, an unforced warmth, and a real understanding both of young people and family dynamics. Beth and Molly are strong individuals, but as a duo their different personalities allow them each to be the best they can be … Funny and moving, this is a really rewarding read

Books for Keeps

Judi Curtin returns with another endearing tale featuring time-travelling best friends Molly and Beth … Described as the Irish Jacqueline Wilson, Judi Curtin brings warmth, humour and emotion to experiences and feelings that young readers will instantly relate to. Beth and Molly are adorable friends that you'd just love to have on your side in times of need. Stand By Me is a story about friendship, misunderstandings and how sometimes things just aren't quite what they seem


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