Themes in O'Brien Press Children's Books

Why do we list themes? The O'Brien Reading Programme recognises that teachers have been using our books for years: the experience of these teachers has informed our approach to using real books in the classroom. In response to requests from teachers, we have listed below some of the many themes or subject areas dealt with in some of our most popular novels. The topics or themes suggested are just some of the many you will find in our books, are are intended only as a starting point or possible guide for selection of a class novel.

General Books We have included selected titles from our general book list where these are accessible and appropriate for use in schools.

Why so few themes for Panda Cubs, Pandas or Flyers? As in-depth exploration of novels generally begins only in the middle and senior classes of primary schools, we have included books from these series only where we felt that a theme was particularly relevant. We take these books seriously: the books in these series are often the first, and therefore arguably the most important, books the very young reader will read for themselves. Most of the books from these series have strong, independent characters who, with (or despite!) help from family and friends, stratch the limits of their worlds and assert their own independence, often in a humorous and fresh way.

Please select the theme that you are interested in to get a list of books for children of all ages that relate to the theme.