The Bad Karma Diaries

The Bad Karma Diaries

Best friends Anna and Denise need some cash, so they come up with a mad money-making scheme and the Instruments of Karma are born, taking revenge on bullies - for a fee!

But Karma is a funny old thing, and the girls learn that revenge isn't always sweet …

Anna and Denise are always planning something, particularly when they need a bit of extra pocket money! They go into business as "The Party People", running birthday parties for younger kids in the area, and publicise it on their blog.

As a joke, they also style themselves as "Instruments of Karma", junior Robin Hoods who take revenge on bullies on behalf of others in their school.

But they soon discover that revenge is not always so sweet!

Bridget Hourican
Bridget is of mixed Irish-Palestinian heritage, born in Belfast, grew up in Brussels, spent a few years living in Budapest, and is now based in Dublin. As a journalist she has contributed to Time Out and The Irish Times, among other publications. Bridget also has a big interest in travel and history, and has worked on some major projects including the Atlas of Irish History and the Dictionary of Irish Bibliography.

'I really enjoyed this book ... it was so original and not like anything I have previously read. I really look forward to the next book written by Bridget Hourican.'

The Dubliner

'The Bad Karma Diaries focuses on themes that all teenagers can relate to ... the theme of bullying is very cleverly used in the book.'

The Dubliner

'fantastic and entertaining ... Their blog is highly entertaining and the style of writing will appeal to teenagers and all those who are familiar with texting and with using social networking sites.'

The Dubliner

'very up to date'

Books Ireland

'Psst... got a pre-teen bookworm in the household? Pass on a copy of The Bad Karma Diaries.'

IMAGE magazine

'Proving that Ireland is going through a fertile period for young adult fiction, Bridget Hourican’s smart, funny Bad Karma Diaries.'

Irish Times Weekend Review

'Thoroughly up-to-date in its inclusion of material from the worlds of blogging and texting.'

Irish Times Weekend Review

'Entertaining debut novel ... A book unafraid to explore some of the less giggly aspects of early adolescence.'

Irish Times Weekend Review

'Sounds funny and light. Just what I'm in the mood for.'

Wondrous Reads

'At school, she exacted revenge for payment and those long-ago days have inspired her tween fiction.'

Sunday Independent Life

'I adored this book and I didn't want it to end! Very highly recommended to readers aged 11+.'

Chicklish Blog

'The book is aimed at readers in their early teens and it's packed with details of everyday life for the Irish school friends. It covers a lot of ground: friendship troubles, bullying, coping with families, first romance, online safety and so much more. I

Chicklish Blog

'A good read, with realistic and believable events and characters which will strike a chord with the reader, who will want to know how it all turns out.'

Parents In Touch

'Bridget Hourican captures perfectly the importance of peer approval and censure in a world of predictive texts and Facebook communication'

Evening Echo

'undeniably fresh and funny ... breathy OMG style ... the narration mimics the typical teenage butterfly brain ... Part diary, part blog which throws up interesting questions about the innocence - or not - of such a public forum for discussion'

Books Ireland

'a resounding success'

The Gloss

'This clever story deals with bullying, teenage anxiety, boyfriends, girlfriends and internet safety. But in case that sounds rather worthy, it also has lots of wit and humour thrown in for good measure.'

Bad Karma Diaries

'The narrative style of the book is bang up to date and spookily accurate ... Hourican very expertly blends the modernity and freshness of the teenage voices with the investigative and admonitory adult voices while never allowing her text to lapse into di

Books for Keeps

'A good read for young teens as it highlights issues such as bullying and internet safety'

Woman’s Way
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