Sam McBratney

Sam McBratney

Sam McBratney sums up his post-war childhood as short trousers, Fair Isle jumper, the 11 plus and grammar school. He taught at a secondary school himself for a while and was a primary school teacher.

Sam wrote many books for children and young adults, published internationally, and is probably best-known for Guess How Much I Love You. In 1993 he won a BISTO Award for Put a Saddle on the Pig, published by Methuen, and also received the Bass Ireland Arts Prize. He died in 2020.

  • The Lough Neagh Monster
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The Lough Neagh Monster

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The Chieftain's Daughter

Written by Sam McBratney, Illustrated by Noel Monahan

New edition of the well-loved children's book by Sam McBratney. A boy fostered with a remote Irish tribe 1500 years ago becomes involved with the fate of his beloved Frann, the Chieftain's daughter.

The Lough Neagh Monster

Written by Sam McBratney, Illustrated by Donald Teskey

When NESSIE arrives from Scotland to visit her monster cousin NOBLETT there is bound to be trouble.

Noblett loves his peaceful secret garden and has little time for his troublesome cousin from Loch Ness.