Mr Wolf Goes to the Ball

Mr Wolf Goes to the Ball

Mr Wolf is SO EXCITED to be invited to the ball.

What should he wear?

He thinks he’s got the perfect outfit, but he’s not sure …

Can his friend help him to decide?

Hardback: €14.99
Hardback: 32 pages
Size:261x215 mm
ISBN: 9781788493345

Category: Picture Book

When Mr Wolf is invited to the ball he doesn’t know what to wear. He has beautiful knitted hats and scarfs and socks - but none of those seem quite right. Then he sees a beautiful dress in a shop window and he knows that would be a perfect outfit for him to wear to dance the night away.

But when he shows his brand new outfit to the other animals, they all tell him he shouldn’t be wearing a dress.

With a little reassurance from the sheep, Mr Wolf goes to the ball in his dress anyway. And when he sees the other animals in all kinds of dresses and suits, he feels amazing — and dances the night away!

A gentle story about following your heart and expressing your true self, with beautifully layered illustrations just perfect for younger readers.

Tatyana Feeney

Tatyana Feeney grew up in North Carolina, where she spent much of her childhood reading and drawing. This developed into a love of art and particularly illustrations in children's books, so she gave up her ambition to be a fire girl and studied Art History and Illustration.

Tatyana now lives in Trim with her husband and two children. She is the author and illustrator of Small Bunny's Blue Blanket, Little Owl's Orange Scarf, Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble and Small Elephant's Bathtime. Tatyana has illustrated several Panda books with The O'Brien Press and is the author and illustrator of Socks for Mr Wolf

the latest book from Irish Book Award-shortlisted author and illustrator Tatyana Feeney speaks about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. What a joyous celebration of self-expression this book is. It is aimed to encourage people of all ages to embrace their individuality, express themselves fully and be proud of what makes them stand out from the crowd. Mr Wolf is beside himself with excitement to be invited to the ball, but instead of buying something for the occasion, he and his best friend Sheep decide to make a dress that voices who he is from the inside-out. What Feeney touches on in this book is the futility of gender stereotypes. By nature, stereotypes confine people to a fictitious set of standards that doesn’t allow for true originality and self-acceptance. The clothes we choose to wear are an expression of who we are and if one thing’s for certain, it’s that dresses are most definitely not just for girls

Irish Examiner

I read Mr. Wolf Goes to the Ball with 1st and 2nd Class and they loved it! … I would use this book to introduce pupils how to write invitations and also as an introduction to a S.P.H.E. lesson about recognizing and appreciating the differences between people. The wolf also goes shopping to buy a dress but decides to make his own as the dress is very expensive. As we are beginning to knit in the class, I used this example to encourage the children to be creative. I also read this book with my 4 year old daughter and she loved the illustrations. At the start of the book, the wolf looks through his closet to choose an outfit and this was great for building vocabulary and the pictures created great discussion. The wolf also wears colourful socks throughout the book and my daughter kept commenting on these. I would recommend this book for kids aged 4-7. I give this book 10/10! Thank you for sending us this book. We really enjoyed reviewing it - Hilary O’Connell, Co. Waterford

Seomra Ranga

What Meath-based author-illustrator Feeney captures here is a joie de vivre that defies gender stereotypes, as with the sheep’s encouragement, Mr Wolf finds his tribe and happily dances the night away. If there is a message to be drawn from Mr Wolf Goes To The Ball it is that being true to one’s own feelings is a good route to happiness, especially if you have true friends to help you along the way

The Echo

Books are for giving and books are giving. This is how all books make me feel and this one particularly has that feel about it, it makes me want to give it to people, and in a way that is what I am doing here with this review, giving it to you all and managing to keep it for myself too – greedy I know but it is just so wonderfully irresistible!... the story and all the pictures that we are treated to, and they are both an absolute delight … a book for giving, a book for sharing because it bursts with enthusiasm and love … A delight

Armadillo Magazine

A sweet story with a contemporary twist. The mixed-media illustrations are striking and carefully composed

Irish Independent

encouraging words from Sheep reassures Mr Wolf that he can wear anything that makes him feel amazing. A lively tale that encourages us all to be amazing and to follow your heart; warm, reassuring and simply delightful!

Fallen Star Stories

this is a beautifully written and illustrated book in a cheerful style to lighten a serious topic

Inis Magazine

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