Mary Arrigan

Mary Arrigan

Mary Arrigan is an award-winning writer of fiction for children and teenagers. She has been shortlisted for the Readers Association Award, the Bisto Award and the White Raven Award.

Milo and One Dead Angry Druid - The Milo Adventures: Book 1

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Milo and the Pirate Sisters

The Milo Adventures: Book 3

When ghostly Mr Lewis has to leave his cosy home in the castle, Milo and Shane help set him up in a local ruined mill. Little do they know the danger this puts him in, and the trouble it will cause for themselves –and this time Mr Lewis can’t help them.

Milo and The Raging Chieftains

The Milo Adventures: Book 2

Sequel to Milo and One Dead Angry Druid. Two days before the Grand Opening of the local restored Castle, Milo is whooshed back through time to sort out an ancient battle and save nice Miss Lee who has been abducted because she is descended from Macanbhaird, the Chieftain of the Castle.

Milo and One Dead Angry Druid

The Milo Adventures: Book 1

Written by and Illustrated by Mary Arrigan, Cover illustration by Neil Price

When Shane’s gran digs up a weird ancient stone, best buddies Milo and Shane find themselves face to face with its owner − one dead angry druid.

Willie Jones’s lizard goes mental and Shane disappears. Milo is in deep, deep trouble and he needs a rescue plan before midnight strikes.