Mad Grandad

From angry mermaids to space aliens Lenny and his mad grandad are always getting into scary situations! Exciting (and slightly daft) adventures.

'With his big square glasses, bulbous nose and free-flying eyebrows, McGann’s Grandad is a truly original creation. The illustrations, drawn from interesting perspectives, are imaginative and full of detail' Books Ireland

'The illustrations work very well and really add to the atmosphere. McGann’s style is direct and very readable, and is excellent for the six-to eight-year-old early reader, or for reading to younger children.' RTE Guide

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Mad Grandad and the Wicked Pictures

Grandad and Lenny are trying to paint the living-room. But Grandad's paint is very old and it's gone all strange. Everything they paint comes alive. And the pictures are evil …and very hungry!

Mad Grandad and the Robot Garden

Written by and By (artist) Oisín McGann

A Mad Grandad story: the new robot gardener looks like a great way to cut down on boring work: but the robot has other plans!

Mad Grandad and the Mutant River

Lenny goes fishing with his grandad, and he is amazed when they drag up a mermaid in her car! But then they find there is much, much worse waiting for them in the deep and dirty river ...

Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes

Written by and Illustrated by Oisín McGann

Things keep disappearing down the back of Grandad's sofa -- who, or what, has taken them? When Lenny and Grandad discover the Kleptoes and their hideout, things turn nasty.

Mad Grandad and the Flying Saucer

Written by and By (artist) Oisín McGann

Lenny and Mad Grandad take their new flying saucer for its first flight. Getting into space is easy: getting home alive might be harder!