Diary Detectives

Diary Detectives

Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid

While helping with a car boot sale, Cass finds a very old diary. It talks about picking on the drama kids on the bus, and a horrible prank played  during their end-of-year show. Who wrote the diary? Can the Bubble Street Gang unmask the wicked writer?

Cass and the Bubble Street Gang Book 3

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Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781788490221

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Book 3 in the Cass and the Bubble Street Gang series! 

Cass, Lex and Nicholas investigate crimes, solve mysteries and have brilliant adventures. They’ve even got their own secret clubhouse. 

Cass is not impressed with the new Residents' Association programme -- suddenly everyone's in Neighbourhood Watch and thinks they're a genius detective. And that’s Cass’s job!! Worse still, there are so many new rules that the kids can't even play on the street anymore. No one stops Cass and the gang from playing games - something will HAVE to be done about the Residents' Association...

But there's also a mystery afoot for the Bubble Street Gang: while helping with a car boot sale, Cass finds a very old diary. The name inside the cover has worn away, but it must belong to somebody in Berbel Street. The diary talks about picking on the drama kids on the bus, and finally about a horrible prank played on them during their end-of-year show. Who does this diary belong to? Can the Bubble Street Gang unmask the wicked writer?

Erika McGann

Erika McGann grew up in Drogheda, County Louth, and now lives in Dublin. She is the author of The Demon Notebook, winner of the Waverton Good Read Children’s Award, The Broken Spell, The Watching Wood and The Midnight Carnival, the ‘Cass and the Bubble Street Gang’ series, and four picture books, Where Are You, Puffling?, Puffling and the Egg (which was nominated for an Irish Book Award) and Wee Donkey’s Treasure Hunt, all illustrated by Gerry Daly, and The Night-time Cat and the Plump, Grey Mouse, illustrated by Lauren O’Neill. Erika’s most recent book is Tabitha Plimtock and the Edge of the World

Cass, Lex and Nicholas are crime-fighting, mystery-solving detectives, and are also known as the Bubble Street gang. Together they are working on a new mission: Operation Catch the Wicked Writer. When the team find an old diary full of wicked deeds, they aim to find out who the diary belongs to, all while trying to overturn the harsh new rules of the Resident’s Association. Cass is a spunky, natural born leader. She is innovative and cheeky and is determined to be the best at solving mysteries. Lex is a sweet, endearing girl with incredible talent in all things sporty. Nicholas is a sensible, sincere boy with an inspiring passion for the arts. Together these three characters create a balanced dynamic. Their personalities complement each other, solidifying the strongest of friendships. This trio is an excellent example of kind friendships that any child would be glad to have. The plot of the mysterious diary is engaging throughout. With plenty of fun side stories, it is as if we are playing the games right alongside the gang. Cass is hilariously honest, with plenty of real laugh-out-loud moments when she says what we are all thinking. An easy and enjoyable read, and a fantastic plot twist to end on, Diary Detectives leaves you wanting more adventures with the Bubble Street Gang

Children’s Books Ireland

McGann’s usual mix of hilarious dialogue and eccentric characters

Irish Examiner

great if you like mystery stories … didn’t want to put it down

Ireland’s Own Peter Garvey, age 11

Perfect for modern day fans of Enid Blyton, with all the classic elements of a good adventure story

Parents in Touch

If the result of their investigation isn’t quite as they anticipated, the entertaining adventure makes it all worthwhile, as Cass and Co succeed in inspiring young detectives that mysteries are everywhere, just waiting for someone to solve them

Evening Echo Pet O’Connell

filled with fun, laughs and a great mystery (or two) to solve, the third in this series is even better than the rest. An engaging story, Diary Detectives is easy to read, but still challenging as it pulls the reader along through these children’s world at a pitch-perfect, absorbing rate. You feel as if you know these people. Cass and her friends are realistically drawn and the adults in the story are seen through real children’s eyes. While there are loads of wacky episodes, there is also a strong sense of realistic, logical thought and good detective work as they work their way through another mystery. It has that sense of childhood wonder and adventure that makes it a joy to read at any age. The drawings are whimsical and lively; adding life, imagery and a strong feeling of time and place that allows the characters and the story to jump off the page. So funny, sassy and warm, you'll want to join in!

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