Diamond Star Girl

Diamond Star Girl

Welcome to Lemony’s summer: Lights, camera, action!
With a movie being filmed in her town, it looks like real life might be getting just as exciting as her daydreams. Romance, mystery and regency costumes – what more could a girl want?

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ISBN: 9781847174765

Category: Children's fiction

Series: Journals

Welcome to Lemony’s summer: Lights, camera, action!

My name’s Lemony, I’m nearly 15, and this is my journal. Things I like: my best friend Ro, Nick Collins, chinchillas, reading and hanging out with friends. Things I DON’T like: my glasses, the way I talk too fast around boys … I’m too tall and too geeky, and I spend FAR too much time sitting around dreaming my life away.

But with a movie being filmed in town, it looks like real life might be getting just as exciting as daydreams – even if they only hire me to make cups of tea while my cool friends get to swan around in front of the camera.

Anyway, Ro, my brother Paul and I are going to have fun on the film set – as long as boring Stephen Brown doesn’t try to hang out with us…

Judy May Murphy
Judymay Murphy (who writes as Judy May for teens) is an International Success Coach, Speaker and Author who coaches thousands of people around the world on how to make their dreams come true. Her series of books for teenage girls are witty, diary-style adventure stories with age-appropriate romances all based on solid coaching practices. She has spoken from the world's biggest self-development stages worldwide, appeared on top television and radio shows in the UK, USA and Europe.

'The tone here is as immediate as it gets; from a teen perspective little fears become huge, but Judy May whirls this fresh, easy and ultimately feel-good entertainment into a smoothie of a read.'

The Irish Times

'A lively, warm-hearted story about learning to like yourself'

CBI's Bookfest - Recommended Reading Guide

'Judy May's depiction of pre-teen angst is deadly accurate, while her dialogue and embarrassing problems are equally authentic.'

Books Ireland

'A very entertaining read, witty and fast-paced'

InTouch Magazine

'Judy May weaves her life-coaching skills into her teen fiction to create books that encourage, guide and inspire'

Holistic Health Magazine
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