Deborah Lisson

Deborah Lisson
Deborah Lisson is a well-known author of young adult fiction, living in Banbury, Australia. Her passion for the story of Red Hugh led her to research this book in Ireland. Her novel The Devil's Own won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children’s Fiction and was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award in 1991; her book, A Place of Safety, won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children's Literature in 1997.

Deborah's latest book, Truth Seeker, was published by O'Brien Press in October 2001.

  • Truth Seeker
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Red Hugh - The Kidnap of Hugh O'Donnell

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Truth Seeker

A powerful coming-of-age story, set against the turbulent background of Viking raids, feudal battles

and the bloody demands of the god Odin.

Red Hugh

The Kidnap of Hugh O'Donnell

In 1857 the old Irish clans struggled desperately to hold on to their lands against Queen Elizabeth, who also had the Spanish Armada to worry about. Could this be Hugh O'Donnell's opportunity to escape from Dublin Castle?