Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger

Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger

Written by Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Celine Kiernan

Charlie assembles a strange-looking bike from old bits and pieces - not exactly cool, but full of character - which changes his life!

Paperback: €6.50
Paperback: 96 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9780862785321

Category: Children's fiction

Themes: Adventure, Issues, Humour

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Download Chapter 4: Charlie’s Bike

Charlie would love a bike, but his family cannot afford one. Then he manages to assemble a strange-looking bike from old bits and pieces -- not exactly cool, but full of character. In fact, so full of character that it almost begins to develop a life of its own! This strange bike changes Charlie's life ...
Frank Murphy
Frank Murphy is a retired school principal, living in Cork. His teaching career, which began in Dublin, took him also to north Wexford, and eventually to Cork city.

He has written stories, non-fiction pieces and poetry in Irish and English. Most of his work has appeared in school books in Ireland and the UK, with some stories also included in anthologies of children's fiction on both sides of the Atlantic.

Celine Kiernan

Celine Kiernan is an Irish author of fantasy novels for young adults. She is best known for The Moorehawke Trilogy. Her fourth book, Into the Grey, won both the CBI Book of the Year Award and the CBI Children's Choice Award in 2012. It won the 2013 Readers' Association of Ireland Award for best book. Born and raised in Dublin, she now lives in Virginia, Co. Cavan.

'... a tale of determined ambition and reward.'

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The Author Speaks

  • Frank Murphy answers questions about Charlie Harte

    Cork author Frank Murphy was asked questions by third class pupils (aged 8-9), in Eglantine Primary School, County Cork, about the inspiration behind Charlie Hart and his Two-wheeled Tiger and its characters, and whether he knows any of them.

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