Blue Lavender Girl

Blue Lavender Girl

Tia moves to the countryside for the summer: she expects to be bored, but ends up learning lots of things about herself and the world around her.

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
ISBN: 9781847174796

Series: Journals

Dear Diary, I'm in despair! My name's Tia, I'm fourteen and I'm in exile!

I'm stuck here in the remote countryside, left to the mercies of one very unfortunate mutt, a bunch of locals who think that wearing black is a sin, Bob (master of the armpit fart!) and Jackson – a guy who believes that just because he dances like a film star he's God!

Without Jenny – who is the shiniest, happiest girl in the world –life here would be unbearable.

Oh well, between the two of us I'm sure we'll manage to have some fun this summer!

Welcome to Tia's summer, which ends up being much more exciting than she imagined!

Judy May Murphy
Judymay Murphy (who writes as Judy May for teens) is an International Success Coach, Speaker and Author who coaches thousands of people around the world on how to make their dreams come true. Her series of books for teenage girls are witty, diary-style adventure stories with age-appropriate romances all based on solid coaching practices. She has spoken from the world's biggest self-development stages worldwide, appeared on top television and radio shows in the UK, USA and Europe.

'It’s a sharp, clever page turner, ideal for the 12-going-on-16-year-old in your life'

Irish Independent Irish Independent

'Light and chatty and written in journal form, [Blue Lavender Girl and Copper Girl] also reflect the concerns of the mid-teens.'

The Sunday Independent Sunday Independent

'If your idea of a good time involves an unputdownable book and a duvet then we suggest you get your hands on any of the Journal series from O’Brien Press - and hit the sack! The three (so far) books are written in the form of diaries and are witty, funny and seriously good. And you can quote us on that.'

KISS magazine

'Journals is a series of clever and engaging books'

Anglo Celt Newspaper Anglo Celt

'I would rate Blue Lavender Girl 10-out-of-10 as it is a wonderful story about how you can turn your life upside down in a good way when you think you are useless or dull, and it is funny at times as well as a bit emotional ... I would recommend this book

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Rights Sold: Norwegian, Swedish

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