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Black Flag: Picture books and storytelling to read aloud

You Can Do It, Rosie!

Written by Elena Browne, Illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald

‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ says Aoife. But poor Rosie is an old dog. Can she do it?

With a little imagination and lots of help from everyone they meet along the way, of course she can!

A trip to the park can be just as magical as any adventure to the mountains or the sea - as long as Rosie is there!

Colour in Rosie and Aoife
Spot the differences between the two bakery pictures

Billy Conker's Nature-Spotting Adventure

Billy Conker is a young conservationist who travels around the world, discovering amazing animals and plants and finding ways to help and protect them. Now you can join Billy on his mission! It’s not going to be easy. Some animals are already struggling – or even endangered – and these are the hardest to find.


Billy Conker's Animal Alphabet
Repairing the Ark activities: Facing Extinction
Repairing the Ark: It's Really Good to Share
Repairing the Ark: How Green?
Repairing the Ark activities: What can YOU do?
Repairing the Ark: Small Changes
Repairing the Ark: Trees & Butterflies
Repairing the Ark: What Can I Do to Help?

A Dublin Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Fiona who lived in Dublin. But Dublin is full of colourful characters and creatures from the fairytale realm. Often not seen or heard, they reside in some of Dublin’s most famous locations and landmarks!

With beautiful quirky illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Nicola Colton.

How to draw Fiona

The Missing Referee

Croke Park Mice

Written by Ruth Croke and Triona Croke, Illustrated by Audrey Dowling

A GAA picture book for children by Ruth and Triona Croke, charmingly illustrated by Audrey Dowling.

Help Rossie through the maze to the goal
Can you spot 10 differences between the two pictures?

Finn's First Song

A Whaley Big Adventure

Written by and Illustrated by Gerry Daly

Squeeeak ... Thwop ... Thwop ... Dwoooooerrrp!

Dad sings his magical whale songs to Mum and baby Finn, far, far away across the huge ocean.

When Finn gets lost, can the other sea creatures help him to send a message of his own?

Let's draw a seahorse ...
Let's draw an octopus ...
Let's draw Finn!
Colour in the front cover illustration yourself
Colour in the busy sea floor, with an octopus!
Colour in Finn and his pufferfish friends
Colour in Finn as he sings his first song
Colour in Finn and his mother sleeping
Colour in Finn spraying a seagull

Puffling and the Egg

Written by Gerry Daly and Erika McGann

When Puffling finds a lost egg on Skellig Michael, she sets off to return the egg to its nest!
She travels all over the island searching the owner of this stray egg, meeting lots of new friends along the way ... but who lost this mystery egg? And what kind of baby animal is going to hatch from it?

Help puggling get to the egg! Maze and colouring activity sheet.
Colour in a friendly octopus. Activity sheet.
Colour in a happy puffin family. Activity sheet.
Colour in Puffling and her egg. Activity sheet.
Colour in some curious rabbits. Activity sheet
Colour in a beautiful sunfish. Activity sheet.
Join the dots to see the cormorant. Activity sheet.
Let's draw ... a sunfish
Let's draw ... puffling

Where Are You, Puffling?

An Irish Adventure

Written by Gerry Daly and Erika McGann

A puffling has gone in search of adventure – now her parents can’t find her anywhere!

Can the animals of Skellig help them find their little puffling?

Flying Puffin - colouring activity
Puffling family - colouring activity
Let's draw ... a puffin
Let's draw ... a rabbit
Let's draw ... a seal
Let's draw ... puffling!
Rabbits - colouring activity
Seal - colouring activity
Puffling waving - colouring activity

Dodos Are Not Extinct!

Dodos are extinct, right?
They’re not! They’re just in disguise, and they’re not the only ones. This book reveals the secrets of the woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and even dinosaurs! These famous creatures are in disguise everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know who might be right under your nose . . .

Colour your dodo, then give him a disguise!

Fox & Son Tailers

Rory’s dad, Fox, is a tailer. The BEST in the business! Animals come from all over to have their tails made by him. Rory helps in the shop and one of his jobs is measuring the customers for the tails - which isn't always easy!
But Rory is bored of making the same old tails. He has his own amazing ideas ...

Help Rory and Fox design some really colourful tails!
Draw a new tail for Rory

The Vanishing Lake

Meara's Granddad lives by the mysterious lake of Loughareema. Some days it’s full and shimmering, and some days it's completely empty! Grandad has plenty of stories about why it vanishes. Is it mermaids? Narwhals? Giants? Meara doesn't believe any of these stories, but with a little imagination she may eventually discover the ‘real’ reason ...

A drawing of Meara on the lake bed to colour in
Meara is boating on the lake with grandad. Spot 8 differences between the 2 pictures
Meara is exploring the lake bottom. Spot 8 differences between the 2 pictures
Questions and activities based on The Vanishing Lake

Irish Farm Animals

Written by Glyn Evans and Bex Sheridan

A charming and engaging children's non-fiction book filled with information on all aspects of farming in Ireland, presented in a light-hearted and child-friendly text. Original illustrations and photographs are featured throughout in an interactive layout.

Activity sheet 1: What Do I Know About Farming?
Activity sheet 2: Where Does it All Come From?
Activity sheet 3: Cows and Beef
Activity sheet 4: It's Really Good For You! Dairy and milk
Activity sheet 5: Snuffle Snuffle! Pigs
Activity sheet 6: Woolly jumpers. Sheep, llamas and Alpaca
Activity sheet 7: Hoof prints. Horses and donkeys
Activity sheet 8: Cluck cluck! Chicken, ducks and geese
Activity sheet 9: An Extra Pair of Hands. Dogs, cats and other animals on the farm
Full set of website links and activities for Irish Farm Animals by Peter Heaney

Scout's Best Day Ever!

A Doggy Adventure Around Ireland

Scout, Daisy and Dad are going on holidays while Gran stays at home to mind the cat.

Scout promises to send cat a postcard from every place he visits on his travels around Ireland.

But which will be the BEST. DAY. EVER?

Activity Pack by Jennifer Farley