Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind

Written by Tom McCaughren, Illustrated by Bex Sheridan

‘Don’t forget’, said the old fox, ‘if danger threatens, run with the wind …’

Hunted, trapped and harried, the foxes of Sinna search for ‘the secret of survival’ under the leadership of the elderly and blind Sage Brush.

'the Watership Down of the fox world.' The Irish Times


Bisto Book of the Decade - 1990

Irish Children's Book Trust - Winner

Book Award - 1985

Reading Association of Ireland - Winner

Paperback: €8.99
Paperback: 208 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781847178374

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781847178572

Category: Children's fiction

The multi-award-winning ‘Run With the Wind’ series 

‘Don’t forget’, said the old fox, ‘if danger threatens, run with the wind …’

In the Land of Sinna, Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush, Fang, Hop-along and the rest of the foxes living around Beech Paw are in trouble. They are being hunted, trapped and harried and have no choice but to set out in search of the secret of survival.

As they journey through countryside and city, facing many dangers along the way, they find new friendships and rediscover what it means to be ‘as cunning as a fox’. 

‘Entertainment and suspense at it’s very best, it is the Watership Down of the fox world.' The Irish Times

‘A wildlife winner for all ages.' The Sunday Independent

Back in print, one of the most popular Irish wildlife stories of all time

Tom McCaughren

Tom McCaughren has written fifteen books for children and young adults. His award winning 'Run with the Wind' series has been translated into twenty languages including German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, Danish and Latvian.

Bex Sheridan

Bex Sheridan is an artist, writer and graphic designer with a great love of animals. She is often asked to illustrate animals, from pet portraits to wildlife. As a child, Bex dreamed of having a house filled with animals when she grew up – which is what she now has! She and her husband Jay have their own mini-menagerie: it began with one rabbit and now there are also dogs, birds (of many kinds), a lizard and even a hedgehog!

great stories and can’t think of much better reading for your children or grandchildren

Campbell Spray, Sunday Independent

real feel good book to read. The characters were instantly likeable and I found myself loving the story instantaneously … I would recommend this book to animal lovers, and lovers of nature and wildlife … Overall I loved this book. Did I mention that I loved this book?


a very enjoyable read

Ireland’s Own

Animal lovers of nine and up will adore this just as the generation before did

Irish Times

stunning new cover illustration by Bex Atkinson … Readers eight-plus, especially those reared on Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr Fox are likely to become hooked quickly on this series

Evening Echo

a delightful read for a new generation

Sunday Business Post

truly classic and enthralling Irish book

Rathcoole, Saggart News, Tallaght News, Lucan News

superb descriptions of the countryside and an evident love for these wily creatures make for an exceptional read about the natural world

Entertainment and suspense at its best, it is the Watership Down of the fox world.

Irish Times

A wildlife winner for all ages

The Sunday Independent

Readers feel thay are really down there in the world of burrows and earths ...

The Sunday Tribune

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