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In recent years the number of O'Brien Press books sold into translation has increased significantly - an indicator of their quality and broad appeal. Many of the rights sales are negotiated at the Frankfurt, London and Bologna book fairs, which we attend annually, with the assistance of Culture Ireland. Our interests are also represented by a number of literary agents throughout the world. Here is a list of titles that have been sold into translation or co-edition with other publishers. Note that this does not include any deal currently under negotiation, so watch this space for developments!

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Two worlds. Two different lives. Divided by hate and violence. Thrown together by chance.

Rights Sold

Canada, Canada, German, Philippines, US and dependencies

Book 3: The Agnes Browne Trilogy. At forty-seven years of age Agnes (star of BAFTA-nominated TV series Mrs Browne’s Boys), now thirteen years happily widowed, enters the 1980s with a fruit stall in Moore Street, a French lover and six children … With a new introduction by the author, Brendan O’Carroll.

Rights Sold

Australia, Canada, Canada, Chinese, Hungarian, India, Italian, Japanese, New Zealand, Polish, Portuguese, South Africa, Spanish, United Kingdom, United States, United States

Written by Linda Moller, Illustrated by Donald Teskey
Runtling the pig and his siblings narrowly escape the terrible fate of being sold at the market. While making their way across country, they learn all sorts of new things about themselves, about humans and about the world outside the farmyard.

Rights Sold


The Family, The Business and The Black Stuff

This 250 year-old story will fascinate lovers of Guinness beer and memorabilia as well as those interested in this remarkable family of brewers and the industrial history of Ireland’s most famous export.

Rights Sold


Taya and Lorkrin must try to find a way to sabotage the Harvest Tide Project and avert the disaster it will unleash.

Rights Sold

Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian

Written by Siobhán Parkinson, Illustrated by Donald Teskey
Laurence is a leprechaun who has been small for 1100 years and is sick of it! He wants to be TALL. He wants to be cool. Then he meet Phoebe, a large girl who wants to be small.

Rights Sold

French, Latvian

Panda 6

Written by and Illustrated by Elizabeth Shaw
This charming book tells the adventures of an outcast little black sheep: how he saved the whole flock in a snowstorm, put Polo the bossy sheepdog in his place - and gave the shepherd a great idea! A story about being different, and becoming a hero. Panda 6

Rights Sold

Danish, German, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, World

The IRA and Sinn Féin from Armed Struggle to Peace Talks

An updated version of this essential book taking the story right up to the present. All major events from the 1970s to today covered in great detail.

Rights Sold

Canada, Canada, Czech, United States

Book 1: The Agnes Browne Trilogy THE MAMMY describes the joys and sorrows of Agnes, mother of the famous Mrs. Browne's Boys from the daily radio soap. A book of hilarious incidents, glorious characters, and a passion for life.

Rights Sold

Arabic, Canada, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, India, Italian, Japanese, Latin America, New Zealand, Polish, Portuguese, South Africa, Spanish, Swedish, United Kingdom, United States, World
Audio, Film

A young boy creates his own world to try to cope with his traumatic past.

Rights Sold