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Quiz: 101 questions and answers on Faraway Home by Tom Hanley, Principal, Stratford National School, Dublin.

Quiz based on Faraway Home by Marilyn Taylor, prepared by Tom Hanley, Stratford National School, Dublin.
28 Feb, 2001

All of the answers are at the end.

  1. What German word was used for the unification of Germany and Austria?
  2. Which country was renamed 'Ostmark' by the Nazis?
  3. What profession did Uncle Rudi have?
  4. Who or what was Goldi?
  5. Who in the story won the Iron Cross?
  6. Who gave Rosa the iron ring?
  7. Who warned the Muller Family about the coming violence of Kristallnacht?
  8. What two sacred objects did the Rabbi rescue from the flames of Leopoldstrasse Synagogue?
  9. What was the relationship between (a) Karl and Rosa; and (b) Tommy and Benji?
  10. What were the Kindertransports?
  11. What kind of book did Uncle Rudi give Karl?
  12. From which railway station in Vienna did Karl and Rosa depart?
  13. How many suitcases each were Karl and Rosa permitted to take with them out of Austria?
  14. What bible story model toy did Rosa have to leave behind her in Austria?
  15. Which construction toy, still available today, did Karl have to leave behind?
  16. Karl and Rosa arrived at the port of Harwick. In what country is Harwick?
  17. Name two features of London that Karl described in a card he sent to his parents.
  18. Who was head of the Jewish Community in Belfast?
  19. Eva came from ..., whilst Danny Grun came from ...
  20. Which family in the story owned a Morris Minor?
  21. With what industry in Belfast would you associate Harland and Wolff?
  22. Yacobi came from a family with a background in what profession?
  23. What kind of professional qualification did Mr Senesh have?
  24. What kind of building was The Regal in Donaghadee?
  25. What hot drink did the children have throughout their first night in Millisle?
  26. Whose voice did the children hear announce on the radio that Britain was at war?
  27. What were U-Boats?
  28. What was Judy's family name?
  29. Where in Dublin did Judy's family live?
  30. What was Judy's favourite magazine?
  31. What weekly event was organised in Dublin by the Jewish Youth Club?
  32. What was the name of the kosher Holiday Hotel in Bray?
  33. Tilly was suffering from 'consumption'. What is the official name for the disease?
  34. To what Donegal seaside resort did Judy's friend, Nora, go on holiday that summer?
  35. Judy's brother, Michael, was a student. What was he studying?
  36. What weekly wage was paid to volunteers working at Millisle?
  37. What was the role of the 'glimmer man' in Dublin during the wartime years?
  38. Complete the wartime expression: 'Careless ... costs lives.'
  39. Complete the wartime expression: 'Dig for ...'
  40. What kind of sweet, not freely available in Northern Ireland, did Norman give Yacobi?
  41. What three comics did the children see on the table when they arrived at Millisle?
  42. Why were the windows in Belfast criss-crossed with sticky paper?
  43. Where did the refugee children have breakfast on the morning of the Dubliners' arrival?
  44. How did the refugee children working in the field know when it was noon?
  45. What was known as 'The Emergency' in the Republic of Ireland?
  46. If the refugees had not managed to get into Millisle Farm in Northern Ireland, to what island might they have been moved?
  47. Where on the farm was Judy sent to work on her first day?
  48. Where was Grace Doherty from?
  49. Name three games or fun activities that took place in the rec.
  50. Who was fostered by the Gould Family?
  51. Judy ran away, terrified, from Alice. Who was Alice?
  52. What job did Mr Teevan have in Millisle?
  53. Who was the man on the white horse whose picture was painted on gable walls in Belfast?
  54. Complete the name of this famous Viennese musical group: The Vienna Boys' ...
  55. Complete the title of this traditional Ulster song: 'The Auld ... Flute'.
  56. Complete Peewee's question: 'Well, are you ... Jews or ... Jews?'
  57. Before their arrival in Dublin, Judy's family came from what European country?
  58. What was Judy making when she was turning the handles of a wooden churn?
  59. What traditional Jewish dance was danced by the refugees in the rec at Millisle?
  60. What classic romantic film, which had just premiered in London, did Judy read about?
  61. What does the German word Postilion mean?
  62. How did Uncle Rudi die?
  63. Who often went to Ballycopeland Windmill to think and reflect?
  64. Who was with Karl and Rosa as they looked at their family photos in the byre at Millisle?
  65. Who was Mitzi?
  66. What job did Wee Billy have?
  67. On what peninsula is Millisle?
  68. As well as Jews, name another group of people Hitler tried to exterminate (wipe out).
  69. What country could the refugees see across the sea from the beach at Donaghadee?
  70. What kind of business did the Crawford Family run?
  71. From the age of ten, in what industry did Granny Crawford work?
  72. What is 'powse'?
  73. Tommy made his way to what is now Israel. By what name was Israel known then?
  74. When the air raid warning sounded, in addition to their coats, what other object did everyone bring with them?
  75. What famous Jewish psalm, well known to Christians, was recited in the barn during the air raid alert?
  76. Where had Karl previously met Bobby Hackett, goalkeeper of the village football team?
  77. What was the final score in the football game?
  78. Who was the only girl who played in the game?
  79. Complete this statement from Rosa: 'I don't want that ..., I want my real ...'
  80. Which Irish poet wrote the lines quoted by Karl to Judy?
  81. What is the difference between a 'skein' of geese and a 'gaggle' of geese?
  82. What did Lisl do back in Vienna that caused so much pain to Karl?
  83. What do the words 'Liebe Judy' mean?
  84. Why did the Nazis shoot Herr Klaar, Karl's old teacher back in Vienna?
  85. After what important ceremonial meal did Karl plan to run away from Millisle?
  86. What is Matzah?
  87. The miraculous delivery of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt is called the 'E ...'
  88. What small Christian group did great work both in helping victims of the Great Famine in Ireland in the 1840s and in assisting Jewish wartime refugees in Britain during the 1940s?
  89. Where do Brent Geese breed?
  90. What river did Karl and his friends cross as they travelled towards Lisburn?
  91. How many children entered Britain by means of the Kindertransports?
  92. Complete the sentence: 'Ideal bombing conditions were a ... sky and a ... moon.'
  93. Which Taoiseach sent fire brigades to Belfast after the Blitz to help put out fires?
  94. How many fire engines came to Belfast from Dublin?
  95. How many people were killed in the Blitz of Belfast on the night of Easter Tuesday, 1941?
    Was it a) 4 b) 24 c) 54 d) 745
  96. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?
  97. How many of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were children?
  98. Complete these lines 'Come away, O human child, To the waters and the ...'
  99. Name another book written by Marilyn Taylor.
  100. Name another writer published by O'Brien Press.
  101. Complete the advice given to Karl by Yakobi at the Passover Meal: 'We must have ..., without ..., we have nothing.'


Answers to Faraway Home quiz

  1. Anschluss
  2. Austria
  3. A comic actor
  4. The Muller's dog
  5. Opa
  6. Oma
  7. Leni
  8. Sacred scrolls, Menorah
  9. First cousins
  10. The transporting of Jewish children out of Germany to safety prior to the outbreak of WW2
  11. A German-English dictionary or an autograph book
  12. Westbahnhof Station
  13. One each
  14. Noah's ark
  15. Meccano
  16. England
  17. Two of: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, red double-decker buses
  18. Jack Freeman
  19. Prague / Berlin
  20. The Gould family
  21. Shipbuilding
  22. Medicine
  23. A degree in agriculture
  24. A cinema
  25. Ovaltine
  26. Mr Neville Chamberlain
  27. German submarines
  28. Simons
  29. Portobello
  30. Picturegoer
  31. Hops (dances)
  32. Stein's Kosher Hotel
  33. Tuberculosis (TB)
  34. Bundoran
  35. Medicine
  36. 2s/6p (half a crown)
  37. He checked that gas was rationed and at reduced pressure
  38. Talk
  39. Victory
  40. A wine gum
  41. War Weekly, Hotspur, Beano
  42. To reduce flying glass
  43. Under a sycamore tree in the hayfield
  44. The Angelus bell
  45. World War Two
  46. Isle of Man
  47. The hen house
  48. Tyrone
  49. Ping pong, billiards, cardplaying, meetings, chats, dancing
  50. Rosa
  51. A cow
  52. A vet
  53. William of Orange
  54. Choir
  55. Orange
  56. Roman Catholic / Protestant
  57. Poland
  58. Butter
  59. Hora
  60. Gone With the Wind
  61. Postman
  62. Suicide
  63. Karl
  64. Judy
  65. Rosa's doll from Austria
  66. A soldier
  67. Ards
  68. Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, trade unionists, social democrats, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc
  69. Scotland
  70. A pub
  71. The linen mills
  72. White dust from the linen cloth
  73. Palestine
  74. Gas masks
  75. The Lord's My Shepherd
  76. At the local school
  77. Village Team 2, Millisle Farm 1
  78. Grace Doherty
  79. Doll
  80. W.B. Yeats
  81. A 'skein' is a flock of geese in flight formation, a gaggle is a group of geese.
  82. She joined the Hitler Youth Movement and ended her friendship with Karl.
  83. Dear Judy
  84. He sheltered people on the run from the Nazis.
  85. Passover meal
  86. Unleavened bread
  87. The Exodus
  88. The Quakers
  89. The Arctic
  90. The Lagan
  91. Ten thousand
  92. Cloudless / full
  93. Eamon de Valera
  94. Thirteen
  95. (d) 745
  96. Six million
  97. One and a half million
  98. Wild
  99. Could This Be Love, Call Yourself A Friend, Could I Love A Stranger
  100. Too many to mention ... Visit your local bookshop or see
  101. Hope
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