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Orange Flag

Boo and Bear
Written by Enda Wyley, Illustrated by Greg Massardier

Purple Flag: For readers aged 5+ (includes Pandas)

Barry's New Bed
Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Moira McNamara
Emma the Penguin
Written by Sarah Webb, Illustrated by Anne O'Hara

Yellow Flag: For readers aged 6+ (includes Flyers)

Ed's Bed
Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox
Ed's Funny Feet
Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox

Red Flag: For readers aged 8+

Adam's Starling
Written by Gillian Perdue, Illustrated by Barry Reynolds

Blue Flag: For readers aged 10+

Alice Next Door
Written by Judi Curtin, Illustrated by Woody Fox
Beyond the Cherry Tree
Black Wreath

The Stolen Life of James Lovett

The Blue Horse
Written by Marita Conlon-McKenna, Illustrated by Donald Teskey
Cave of Secrets
City of Fate