Mean Streets

Mean Streets

Limerick’s Gangland

This book by journalist Barry Duggan explains, among other things, how this vibrant, modern, sporting city become home to a ruthless criminal underworld

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Category: History, True Crime

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Limerick city centre erupts with pride and glory as Munster seizes the Heineken Cup.

The strife-ridden suburb of Moyross echoes with the screams of burning children.

How did this vibrant, modern, sporting city become home to a ruthless criminal underworld?

Barry Duggan reveals exclusive information on topics such as the rise of the gangs, the escalation of violence, the innocent victims and the Garda attempts to regain control of the city.

Barry Duggan
Barry Duggan began his career in journalism when Limerick was hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As Mid-Western correspondent with Independent Newspapers, he is well placed to witness and chronicle a decade of Limerick’s troubles.


Limerick Post

'a probing insight into Limerick gang culture'

The Kerryman


Irish Independent

'the stories of lost lives and broken communities are captured brilliantly in Mr. Duggan’s book'

Limerick Chronicle

'a detailed insight into the deadly world of gangland in Limerick'

Limerick Independent

'Duggan puts all the pieces of an often confusing jigsaw together with considerable skill'

Limerick Leader
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