Marooned in Manhattan

Marooned in Manhattan

After Evie Brooks’ mother dies, she is forced to go live with her uncle Scott, a vet in New York City: between the pets, their owners, Scott and his lawyer girlfriend, the Summer quickly becomes a whirlwind of change and activity!


Literacy Association of Ireland Book Award - 2015

- Short-listed

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
ISBN: 9781847176523

Category: Children's fiction

Series: Evie Brooks

New York City. Evie Brooks had seen it on the TV, but suddenly finds herself leaving her home in Dublin and moving to Manhattan to her American uncle Scott, after the death of her mother.

Never owned a pet more substantial than a goldfish, Evie is intrigued by Scott's NYC veterinary practice, and before long, Evie is working as an assistant in the clinic. Between the pets, their owners, Scott and his lawyer girlfriend, the Summer quickly becomes a whirlwind of change and activity!

And then Evie has to make a huge choice: will she stay in New York, or return to live in Ireland with her godmother, Janet?

Sheila Agnew

Sheila Agnew was born in New York and grew up in Dublin with her sister and two brothers. They liked to pretend to be the children in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Although Sheila couldn’t quite make it to Narnia, she set out to experience what she could of this world. After graduating from UCD., she practiced as a lawyer in London, Sydney and New York and got to work in such far-flung places as Accra, Cairo and Bratislava.

Sheila has wanted to be a writer since she was seven and fell in love with Danny, the Champion of the World. In 2002, she took time-out from her legal career to write and to travel around Asia. In 2011, she moved to Argentina to learn Spanish and work on a horse farm. The following year, she relocated to Dingle in County Kerry where she wrote Evie Brooks. Sheila based the character of ‘Ben’ on her own black-and-white spaniel of dubious lineage.

Sheila now lives and writes in New York City.

lively, genuinely funny stories … entertaining throughout … the character of Evie herself is the outstanding feature of these stories … excellent opportunities for class discussion and written work

School Librarian Magazine

amiable and entertaining ... a very down-to-earth story ... Evie is someone with whom young readers will find it easy to relate

a fun, vivacious book with an adorable main character … witty … has an authentic young person’s voice at all times and there is plenty of everyday drama to keep the pace flowing nicely … handles the emotional aspect of the storyline very nicely; you do get drawn in and feel huge empathy for Evie.  But don’t think this is a downbeat book, it’s not. Evie is all about living her life and the book pulsates with her youth and energy

perfect for adolescent girls embarking on their own life journey

Book Angel Utopia

lively and engaging … Agnew’s protagonist is refreshingly quirky and not the stereotypical portrayal … a promising start for new writer Sheila Agnew

Books Ireland

the stand-out aspect of this book … is how Agnew presents Evie’s grieving process … I would recommend this book … especially to any animal lovers, and encourage them to begin this series that is set to be as exciting yet thoughtful as this first book has proved to be

The Looking Glass

a warm and heartfelt novel that manages to be both funny and serious … readers will easily identify with Evie … a witty novel for preteens


loved this book! It was such a sweet uplifting read … what I loved about Evie is that she was just normal teen … it’s just real life. I would really recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary YA especially young readers (10 yrs and up). I'm certainly looking forward to reading about Evie's adventures again in the future

Go Book Yourself

a thought-provoking read for 10+

what a gem of a story! Marooned in Manhattan is told with heart and warmth that expresses what it really feels like to be a young girl thrust into a difficult situation; having to proceed in a life where the ground has been dragged out from under your feet. Moving, but not overly sentimental, this story is fast-paced and packed with action. It is told with real feeling, humour and wonderful characters.. Evie shines as she faces her new reality with trepidation, yet determination. Relationships and situations are carefully and realistically crafted within the context of the story, yet never gets overburdened with unnecessary detail. And there is a real cliff-hanger at the very end. Fortunately, the next Evie Brooks book is out in September! A really enjoyable summer read!

Fallen Star Stories

I couldn't put 'Evie Brooks is Marooned in Manhattan' down. What an ending! I need to read the sequel now

Nayu’s Reading Corner


RTE 2’s Elev8

addictive … a fast paced adventure featuring some darker themes without ever becoming bleak … perfect for the 9 plus age group. Fans of Sarah Webb's Amy Green series will wolf this down

fresh … great … excellent book for teenage girls and under

a sweet and touching story … captures the feel of New York very well … Evie herself is a captivating character, believable in her grief and very sympathetic … definitely worth reading … an intriguing ending which seems to suggest a sequel is a real possibility. If so, I'll certainly be picking it up!

this book has it all – drama, action and humour

The Sun

beautifully written this atmospheric book really captures the spirit of Manhattan, as a book designed for young people it is inspiring, absorbing and a great read! Highly Recommended!

Hot Brands, Cool Places writ

Sheila Agnew (a well-travelled ex-lawyer) mixes detail – who ate which delicacy from which deli – with an unexpected riveting denouement. After all the place-setting and boy-ogling, the book turns into a persuasive action thriller when Evie outflanks the evil lawyer who is trying to repatriate her

The Observer

such a cute story about keeping true to yourself and allowing yourself to feel after loss, Evie Brooks Marooned in Manhattan is a must read for any middle grader who wants a laugh and maybe a bit of a cry! … The author has successfully managed to blend serious issues in with humour … I will definitely be reading the next instalment, especially as this one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger!


a hit

Sunday World

a charming, sweet and at times, moving book

Irish Independent

the teenage voice in the story is spot on … should very much appeal to the younger teen readers

Irish Examiner

a very lively read … Evie is a very likeable central character, sharp, funny, thoroughly convincing … the surprise twist sprung on us by the author in the last chapter will make the wait for book two in this new series even harder

screams fun and tween … fun and packs a punch … the story is superb

a great way for a 10+ year old to discover New York City ... speckled with humour throughout … an incredibly moving story and a real page-turner'

the complex emotions that Evie feels are well described and the book compels you to keep reading to find out her choice

Parents in Touch

written in a lively, engaging style that quickly grabs the reader’s interest ... a great achievement and an enjoyable read … expect to hear a lot more about Sheila Agnew in the future

such a fun read ... fresh, witty and filled with wonderful characters, it’s definitely made the list of my favourite middle-grade contemporaries ... I was enthralled by Evie’s development throughout the novel and how she handled the situations thrown at her

loved how Agnew didn’t just focus on the kids and Evie’s story but developed the adults really well too ... Marooned in Manhattan is a great introduction to Evie and her fresh, unique voice and is a fabulous début from Sheila Agnew whom I am eager to hear more from

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