Marie Burlington

MARIE BURLINGTON illustrated Trouble for Tuffy in the O'Brien FLYERS series. Helpful Hannah was the first book she both wrote and illustrated herself. Marie is also the author and illustrator of Dear Me!

  • Helpful Hannah
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Trouble for Tuffy - A Katie and Ted Story

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Trouble for Tuffy

A Katie and Ted Story

Written by Ann Bermingham, Illustrated by Marie Burlington

Katie and Ted get into serious trouble while Mum is out – but Tuffy the dog saves the day.
Flyer 2

Helpful Hannah

Hannah is amazing.She can fix anything. Granny would prefer her to knit and sew and cook.
But Granny is in for a surprise one stormy, snowy morning...
Panda 29

Lighthouse Joey

Lighthouse Joey and his friend Danny find a pair of strange boots. Could they belong to the old pirate Jumping Jack?
Panda 33

The Little Witch Who Can't Spell

Written by and Illustrated by Marie Burlington

Little Willow Witch can’t spell. Her magic spells are all mixed up.
Then she finds a wand, a powerful wizard’s wand...
Flyer 18