Lily Takes a Chance

Lily Takes a Chance

A Lissadell Story

Written by Judi Curtin, Cover illustration by Rachel Corcoran

Lissadell House, Sligo, 1915. In the Big House, young housemaid Lily feels life is changing for everyone – decisions are being made by others for her friend Maeve de Markievicz, the countesses daughter, and Lily fears for her new friend Sam also. Can Lily help her friends without getting into too much trouble?

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Lissadell House, 1915

In the Big House, life is changing for young housemaid, Lily, and her group of friends. Maeve de Markievicz, daughter of the famous Countess will soon be going away to school in England. What will this mean for the friendship between the Lily the servant girl and Maeve the young lady? For others in Lissadell, romance is blossoming and may bring change. And for Lily, she has the chance to grab hold of her dream … if only she’ll take the chance.

The girls are growing up and marching towards the future – but with friendship and fun they can face anything!

Judi Curtin

Judi Curtin is the best-selling author of the ‘Alice and Megan’ series, the 'Eva' series and the 'Time After Time' series, about Beth and Molly, accidental time-travelling best friends. Judi won the Children's Book of the Year (Senior) at the Irish Book Awards in 2017 for Stand By Me. Her current series, about Lily, is set in the famous Lissadell House in Co Sligo.

Rachel Corcoran is a freelance illustrator and designer from Dublin, Ireland. A member of Illustrators Ireland, Rachel's work appears in children's books and book cover illustrations. Rachel also runs her online shop where she sells her earth-kind illustrated greeting cards and prints. When Rachel is not illustrating, she loves to bake with her helper Billie the cat, garden with her outdoor cat Socks, and read books that are set in times long ago. 

Lives thrown into turmoil, caught up in events beyond their control, are at the heart of Lily Takes A Chance, the fourth book in the Lissadell series from Douglas native Judi Curtin, who draws her eight-plus readership into Lily’s world as skilfully as she did in her early Alice and Megan stories

The Echo

deservedly popular … The ferment of political change provides an exciting backdrop for the story, and the lives of Lily and her friends, servants and gentry, are vividly drawn, giving readers a complete sense of their different lives, as well as the different constraints they are under. Caring, capable and compassionate, Lily is trusted by her friends to make things right, and by readers too.

Books for Keeps

an enchanting friendship story written with warmth and humour

Irish Independent

I love the Lissadell stories. They bring so much joy, friendship and thoughtful consideration. Throughout the four books, we watch Lily grow, using her spark, intelligence and sense of fair-play as she navigates her life, comes into her own and chases her dream of rising out of her circumstances to become a teacher. All the while, the love for her friends and family stays in the foreground. Lily is a young lady who is determined to help those around her achieve their dreams and happiness as well. (Her character has always reminded me a bit of Anne Shirley.) The historical aspect gives an accurate portrait of the times and struggles taking place. In Lily Takes a Chance, we further see the effects of war and social struggle, with small, heartrending depictions of injured soldiers coming home, refugees and the dynamics of fighting for Irelands’ independence. But the heart of this story is friendship, family and growing up; still with room for new experiences, excitement and fun. Well-written, charming, adventurous; an utter delight. Read the whole series!

Fallen Star Stories

I really enjoy Judi Curtin’s books. This is the fourth book in the series and I have read every one … I would definitely recommend this book to my friends as I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for ages 9+. I would rate this book 10/10 - By Nixie, 6th Class, Ransboro NS, Sligo

Seomra Ranga

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