Irish Farm Animals

Irish Farm Animals

Written by Glyn Evans and Bex Sheridan

A charming and engaging children's non-fiction book filled with information on all aspects of farming in Ireland, presented in a light-hearted and child-friendly text. Original illustrations and photographs are featured throughout in an interactive layout.

Hardback: €14.99
Hardback: 48 pages
Size:261x215 mm
ISBN: 9781788491211

E-Book: €9.99
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A book on all aspects of farming in Ireland, from all over Ireland, including traditional farm animals like cattle, sheep, goats and poultry to more unusual animals like alpacas, wild boar, rhea and fish.

A charming and engaging book filled with information, much of it Ireland-specific, presented in a light-hearted and child-friendly text. Original illustrations and photographs are featured throughout in an interactive layout.

Featuring mighty muckers, horned heroes, woolly ones, hoofed heckles, feathered friends and happy helpers.

Glyn Evans

Glyn Evans is a microbiologist with a passion for animal welfare and environmental conservation. Together with his partner and two sons, he lives on a farm in County Meath. It’s important to him that his sons grow up with animals around them and can learn about protecting nature. Wanting to share their love of animals with other children and adults, the family opened their farm to the public. Through providing animal therapy, and educating visitors on the small things we can all do to help our environment, they hoped to reduce animal cruelty. While the farm is no longer open to the public, Glyn continues to reach out to both children and adults and help them to understand the importance of animals and the environment. Find out more at his Facebook page, ‘Trim Alpacas’.

Bex Sheridan

Bex Sheridan is an artist, writer and graphic designer with a great love of animals. She is often asked to illustrate animals, from pet portraits to wildlife. As a child, Bex dreamed of having a house filled with animals when she grew up – which is what she now has! She and her husband Jay have their own mini-menagerie: it began with one rabbit and now there are also dogs, birds (of many kinds), a lizard and even a hedgehog!

just might help keep your young children (or grandchildren) happy 

The Avondhu

delightful … a beautiful book … terrific … one I highly recommend

LMFM’s Gerry Kelly show

quite a lot of information … a really lovely thing that we’re now starting to see, books that reflect rural life … an author and illustrator who are really passionate about the subject

RTE Radio 1’s Sean O’Rourke show Elaina Ryan, CEO of Children's Books Ireland

this delightfully illustrated book tells as much about life on the farm as it does about the animals found on the farm 

Irish Examiner

If you are looking for a good informative read on Irish animals and different types of farming in Ireland, look no further! Irish Farm Animals is a great non-fiction book for older children. Glyn Evans breaks down the topic of farming in Ireland into interesting parts. It taught me about all the different types of farming today, like tillage which provides food products like our cereals and ones you might not have heard of like alpaca farms which breeds them for their wool. With the help of the wonderful illustrations by Bex Sheridan, all you budding farmers who think ye know it all like me, Irish Farm Animals, even taught me stuff about animals I have myself, like my pony Sydney has a different bone and muscle structure to my horse Chase! Would you believe there are farm animals my sister Olivia and I didn’t know existed, like the Kunekune! I would give this book 10/10. Go treat yourself! By Arthur, age 8, Ballydesmond, Co. Cork.

Seomra Ranga

full of facts about the animals on Irish farms … with attractive illustrations and photographs

Irish Independent

an assortment of feathered friends and plenty of four-legged friends too … lots of surprise entries in this informative hardback … an eclectic and very positive portrayal of Irish farming … a refreshing change from the standard animal books for younger children, this is inspirational stuff for wannabe Irish farmers

Evening Echo

takes the reader through the different types of farms in Ireland – tillage, dairy, organic and many more – going into detail with regard to all the different types of animals farmed in Ireland. From the less exotic – cows, pigs, chickens and sheep – through to the less common buffalo and alpaca, with a special page kept for the ‘happy helpers’, dogs and cats, who have very important jobs on the farm too, from pest control to rounding up animals. A gentle introduction to farm life for young aspiring farmers

Children's Books Ireland

Farm loving family members of all ages are in for a treat … concentrates on farm animals, using original illustrations and photographs, to animate the simple, child-friendly text

Business Post

Teaching Resources: free to view and download

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 1: What Do I Know About Farming?

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 2: Where Does it All Come From?

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 3: Cows and Beef

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 4: It's Really Good For You! Dairy and milk

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 5: Snuffle Snuffle! Pigs

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 6: Woolly jumpers. Sheep, llamas and Alpaca

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 7: Hoof prints. Horses and donkeys

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 8: Cluck cluck! Chicken, ducks and geese

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 9: An Extra Pair of Hands. Dogs, cats and other animals on the farm

  • Download Activity sheets: Full set of website links and activities for Irish Farm Animals by Peter Heaney

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