Irish Aran

Irish Aran

History, Tradition, Fashion

The significance of the Aran knit is so much more than an unusually popular design. Arans communicate warmth, comfort and a sense of home, which people the world over continue to respond to. Vawn Corrigan explores how the Aran knit became so iconic.

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Irish Aran knitting is a living tradition with a worldwide reach. Arans communicate warmth, comfort and a sense of home, which people the world over continue to respond to, even though the connection to our rocky outcroppings in the Atlantic Ocean may be long forgotten. 

Aran grew up in the harsh environment of the Aran Islands where everyday wear consisted of home-spun fabrics and knits. Today Aran survives as part of a rich craft heritage and as high and slow fashion on the catwalks of the world. 

Vawn Corrigan explores the history, mythology and growth of this iconic design in this beautiful and informative hardback book.

Vawn Corrigan

Dublin-based writer Vawn Corrigan is a graduate of  Trinity College Dublin. Vawn's writing on Irish craft has been published in the Irish Arts ReviewIrish Antiques JournalIreland of the Welcomes and the international textiles magazine Selvedge. She is also a contributor to RTÉ  radio's Sunday Miscellany. Vawn enjoys collaborations which document the social history of living craft traditions.

an easy read and well-illustrated

Irish Arts Review

Subtitled History, Tradition, Fashion, Irish Aran is the first in a new series of pocketbooks published by O’Brien Press that celebrate the country’s rich and robust heritage. Like the world-renowned sweater itself, the hardcover work is solid, steady, sturdy, and ready for everyday use. Woven with tidbits and trivia, dates and places, old and new photographs, and a sweeping overview of the tradition and cultural significance of the famed pullover, the narrative offers a fascinating insight into the history of both a people and a place. As such, and like the plush cluster of islands off Eire’s western coastline, the book is timeless in its exploration of a customary craft. As is said in those parts, the Irish don’t just write poetry, they knit it.

Celtic Life International Magazine

worth picking up … a fascinating read

RTE Guide

fabulous book

RTE TV's Today Show Daithi

a gorgeous book and a must for anyone interested in Irish fashion

Dubray Books

A unique gift idea

Connaught Telegraph

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