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In The Name of Jaysus!

Stuff That Drives Irish People Round the Feckin' Bend

Written by Colin Murphy, Illustrated by Brendan O'Reilly
The Wee Book of Irish Wit & Malarkey

A Rake of Clever Craic and Wisdom for Jackeens, Culchies and Eejits

Written by Sean McCann and Paul Ryan
Essential Norn Irish

Yer Man's A to Z Guide to Everyday Banter


From Bumbum Bees to Jellycopters

The A-Z of an Irish Christmas

All the Craic of the Crimbo!

The Stairlift Ascends

Tweets from a Covid Cocoon

Written by Helen O'Rahilly, Illustrated by Jennie O'Connell
Ah ... That's Gas!

The ads, fads and mad happenings that swept the Irish nation