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Irish Tweed

History, Tradition, Fashion

Irish Thatched Cottages

A Living Tradition


The Norman Invasion of Ireland

Exploring the Book of Kells (Japanese)
Written by George Otto Simms, Illustrated by David Rooney and Eoin O'Brien, Translated with commentary by Ms Terumi
Das Book of Kells

Eine Entdeckungsreise

Written by George Otto Simms, Translated by Beate Brandt, Illustrated by David Rooney and Eoin O'Brien
The Guinness Story

The Family, The Business and The Black Stuff

Looking Under Stones

Roots, Family and a Dingle Childhood

To Hell or Barbados

The ethnic cleansing of Ireland

The Giant's Causeway

And the North Antrim Coast


True Stories of her Passengers, Crew and Legacy

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth

Exploring the Majestic Passage Tombs of Ancient Ireland

The Easter Rising

A Guide to Dublin in 1916


Heroic Journeys in Ireland