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The Stolen Village

Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates

Kathleen Clarke

Revolutionary Woman

De Valera in America

The Rebel President’s 1919 Campaign.

Exploring the Book of Kells (Japanese)
Written by George Otto Simms, Illustrated by David Rooney and Eoin O'Brien, Translated with commentary by Ms Terumi
Das Book of Kells

Eine Entdeckungsreise

Written by George Otto Simms, Translated by Beate Brandt, Illustrated by David Rooney and Eoin O'Brien
The Guinness Story

The Family, The Business and The Black Stuff

Mean Streets

Limerick’s Gangland

Blood Upon the Rose

Easter 1916: The Rebellion That Set Ireland Free

Written by and Illustrated by Gerry Hunt
Lansdowne Road

The Stadium; the matches; the greatest days

Terence MacSwiney

The Hunger Strike that Rocked an Empire

James Connolly


Michael Mallin


Joseph Plunkett


Dark Times, Decent Men

Stories of Irishmen in World War II

To Hell or Barbados

The ethnic cleansing of Ireland