Written by Jonathan Swift, Retold by Mary Webb, Illustrated by Lauren O'Neill

Lost in a land of small people, Gulliver has to learn their ways and avoid starving! Then he lands in a country of giants. A beautifully illustrated and energetic retelling of one of the world's favourite stories.


CBI Book of the Year: Merit Award for Illustrations - 2016

- Winner

Paperback: €12.99
Paperback: 80 pages
Size:252x193 mm
ISBN: 9781788493420

New paperback edition of this modern retelling of a perennial favourite, with illustrations by Lauren O'Neill!

Gulliver’s Travels is a memorable classic that takes you into the amazing worlds travelled by Lemuel Gulliver. In Lilliput, he is a giant compared to the tiny people there, followed by the reverse in Brobdingnag, where Gulliver finds himself in a country of giants. Full of humour and adventure, these exciting stories have survived the centuries and are now retold and re-imagined with thrilling illustrations.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), was the author of Gulliver's Travels, one of the world's greatest satirical fantasies. He was Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin from 1713-1745.

Lauren O'Neill

Lauren O’Neill is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin. Originally from Wexford, she moved to Dublin to study in NCAD and stayed. Her work has appeared across a wide variety of areas from advertising campaigns to storybooks and gallery exhibitions. She has illustrated Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, winning the Children’s Books Ireland Merit Award for Illustration, and Blazing a Trail which won the Children's Book of the Year (senior) Irish Book Award in 2018.

sumptuous … Gulliver’s exciting adventures expertly captured by Lauren O’Neill

Maternity & Infant Magazine

modern retelling, with exciting new illustrations, is a brilliant way of introducing children to the themes in this classic book … the artwork of Lauren O’Neill is outstanding and deserving of awards … this book would appeal to all ages: while aimed at younger people and seen initially as a picture book, I would also want it in my stock for A-level pupils who study Politics and English

School Librarian Magazine

who doesn’t love the centuries-old tale which has captured book-lovers’ hearts for many generations, the world over? … what truly makes this edition stand out from its predecessors is the discovery of a new illustration talent in Dublin-based Lauren O’Neill. Her incredible artwork is so gloriously vivid in colour, her page design so exquisitely staged and her characters so full of wit and personality they practically leap from the page. And each element combines meticulously to breathe new life into Swift’s epic tale and magical storytelling. The book cover itself is a master class in great design, from the debossed hand-lettering to the limited colour palette and period details. Each element has been considered by O’Neill and is an ingenious summation of the tale, perfectly illustrating the dichotomy of the protagonist’s story … a commendable production and hopefully the first of many classics to be reinvented by this illustrator!

This beautifully illustrated, dynamic retelling skilfully meets the challenge of bringing this beloved classic novel to a new generation. Mary Webb’s accessible, carefully-pitched text about Gulliver’s time with the Lilliputians (in which he is perceived as a giant) and his stay with the Brobdingna (where the people are giants compared to him) interweaves with Lauren O’Neill’s captivating, immersive illustrations. The red ribbon for marking page position evokes a continuity of literary heritage while Webb and O’Neill skilfully capture the original tale’s humour and satire. An engaging read-aloud for junior classes and a valuable book for readers about the futility of war and the importance of respecting different perspectives.

Children’s Books Ireland

a very thoughtful update of the original work … which manages to maintain the essence the source material. We're truly thrilled that Gulliver's Travels will once again earn a place on children's bookshelves … The illustrations are full of character yet avoid feeling too modern to compliment the classic story, no easy feat for illustrator Lauren O'Neill to achieve

Leabhar Love

Gulliver is an abundantly illustrated retelling of a favourite classic

Irish Times

beautifully illustrated

Marian Finucane RTE Radio 1

Lauren O’Neill has injected magic and wonder into each page

Wexford People

beautifully illustrated, this beloved classic will definitely find a new readership

Woman’s Way

full of humour and adventure … thrilling illustrations … very enjoyable

Ireland’s Own

a great retelling of those first bits of the classic everyone knows, accompanied by marvellous pictures. A most cherishable slice of literary history for the young … excellent. First and foremost is the artwork. This is wonderful, packed with the best detail and joie de vivre … what is certain is that this intelligently crafted, and deliciously illustrated, version, that never even edges towards being old-fashioned nor patronising, is most evidently distinctive, and really quite distinguished

full of humour and adventure, these exciting stories have survived the centuries and are now retold and re-imagined with thrilling illustrations

the illustrations are superb

Irish Examiner

there is so much to adore about this classic tale … but it is the illustrations by Lauren O’Neill which make it shine

Irish Examiner

[Swift] can rest easy in his grave in Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the knowledge that justice has been done to his work, at least as a wonderful children’s adventure, in this latest accessible retelling

Evening Echo

robust and lively retelling of Swift’s classic and it will indeed have children hanging on Gulliver’s every word … fantastical stuff, and often very funny. Webb doesn’t duck any of Swift’s scatological humour, and she keeps his satire fresh too – sadly many of his digs at human behaviour are as relevant today as they were in the 1700s. Lauren O’Neill’s illustrations are equally vigorous and this is a thoroughly handsome edition … re-imagined with thrilling illustrations

great retelling of Jonathan Swift's classic story by Mary Webb. The illustrations are particularly beautiful … a really lovely book

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