Gillian Perdue

Gillian Perdue is a children's writer and dancing teacher. She previously worked as a primary school teacher for over fifteen years, and has always had a deep love for children's books. Gillian acted as chairperson of the Bisto Book Awards 1999-2000, and she has written resource materials for the use of real books in the classroom.

Gillian's first book, Adam's Starling was written for older readers and won the Eilís Dillon Memorial Award 2002. The Irish Times described Adam's Starling as an impressive debut. Since then she has written three books in the successful O'Brien Panda Series - Conor's Cowboy Suit, Panda No. 23, Conor's Concert, Panda No. 25, and Conor's Canvas, Panda No. 35. The spirited and determined Conor, who loves to do things his way and his way only has proved to be extremely popular with younger readers. Gillian is married with two children, and lives in Dublin.

  • An Buachaill Bó
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An Buachaill Bó

Teaching Resources: free to view and download

Conor's Cowboy Suit

  • Download Activity sheets: Conor's Dream: activity sheet number 1

  • Download Activity sheets: Conor's Cowboy Crunch: activity sheet number 2

  • Download Activity sheets: A Cowboy's Clothes: activity sheet number 3

  • Download Activity sheets: Cowboy Songs: activity sheet number 4

Adam's Starling

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 2: identifying birds

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 3: feelings and emotions

  • Download Activity sheets: Activity sheet 1: looking after birds

  • Download RBFS: Teaching ideas for third class from the O'Brien Reading Programme Supplement