Tarsila Krüse

Tarsila Krüse

TARSILA KRÜSE is an award-winning children’s book illustrator born in Brazil and based in Dublin, passionate about languages, books, drawing (and pistachio ice-cream). Tarsila is known for illustrating several books as Gaeilge and in English in her heartwarming, friendly and sweet style. She has also written and illustrated for the RTÉ Christmas Guide, Ireland’s biggest-selling periodical publication (three times!) and co-authored My Little Album of Ireland and My Little Album of Dublin, with Juliette Saumande. Her favourite things to draw are people and animals, especially dogs! She also loves visiting schools and libraries and facilitating book-making and illustration workshops across Ireland. tarsilakruse.com @tarsilakruse

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My Little Album of Dublin - An English / Irish Wordbook

  • Download Activity sheets: Scavenger hunt for items hidden on the pages of the book

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Little Love Lessons

Reflections on Life and Love for You and Your Child

Written by and Illustrated by Tarsila Krüse
  • Hardback€12.99