Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Ireland's Rebel Son

Written by David Butler and Mario Corrigan, Letterer Fiona Boniwell

A graphic novel telling a thrilling tale of passion, courage and determination. Michael Collins was a hero in life, and in death his legend continues to grow. Joining the IRB in London, he took his place in the GPO at Easter 1916, then created the Intelligence network that won freedom from British rule.

Paperback: €16.99
Paperback: 64 pages
Size:297x210 mm
ISBN: 9781788493192

Category: Graphic Novel

A thrilling tale of passion, courage and determination. Michael Collins became a hero: a soldier, a freedom-fighter, a ghost: Ireland’s Rebel Son. In life, in death, a legend.

Raised on songs and stories of Irish heroes and the struggle for Irish independence, young Michael Collins was sworn into the IRB in London by Sam Maguire. As Joseph Plunkett’s aide-de-camp he took his place in the GPO at Easter 1916. He rose through the ranks in the universities of Revolution, the prisons of Stafford and Frongoch, and returned to the work of independence when released. Mick was the man behind the scenes: creator of the Intelligence network, the Squad and orchestrated the war against the British. When De Valera demanded he take his place as a negotiator of the Treaty, he did his duty, and then defended his beliefs as the country degenerated to Civil War. Cut down by his countrymen in his own country, the Big Fella died on 22 August 1922 at Béal na mBláth, but his legend continues to grow.

This graphic novel chronicles the life and legacy of the legendary Michael Collins. 

David Butler Mario Corrigan Fiona Boniwell

Author Mario Corrigan hails from Kildare Town and is the Executive Librarian in charge of Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives for Kildare Library Services, with a Masters in Irish History and a Masters in Library and Information Studies. Mario has written and edited some 20 books, mostly on the history and heritage of Co. Kildare. He was a joint winner of the Nilsson Local Heritage Publishing Award at Listowel Writer's Week in 2013. 

Originally from Kildare, animator and illustrator David Butler now lives in Portarlington, County Laois. He is a graduate of the Dun Laoghaire Film Institute of Ireland, Animation Production Course. He has worked on several award-winning projects, including the BAFTA award-winning Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. David illustrated three original Children’s books with Mario. 

If you haven’t yet got your hands on a copy of this magnificent graphic novel, I’d highly recommend it

Kildare Nationalist

a fantastic production which will continue the process of educating and keeping the great name of Michael Collins alive and it’ll bring it to another generation of children

Darren Conroy of the Michael Collins Historical Society

stylish … a superb body of work

Tuam Herald

Adding to O’Brien Press’s store of titles concentrating on the decade between 1912-1922, Michael Collins: Ireland’s Rebel Son rattles through the Big Fellow’s life from his involvement in the Easter Rising to his tragic demise. Writer Mario Corrigan’s pacing has a steely focus as he hits all the pertinent events, and allows an appropriate sense of space for his lying in state and funeral. David Butler’s art matches this subtly and with solemnity. Visual art makes memorable historical detail, which makes Ireland’s Rebel Son essential for any secondary school students of history

Irish Examiner
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