Dainty Dress Diaries

Dainty Dress Diaries

50 Beautiful Home-Crafting Projects to Awaken Your Creativity

Dainty Dress Diaries grew from Catherine Carton's popular blog and vlog channels, her 'floral, chalk painted, tea dress-wearing, creative corner of the internet'. Afternoon craft projects, recycling & upcycling ideas, gardening tips & sewing inspiration: the home you want on the budget you have.

Hardback: €19.99
Hardback: 192 pages
Size:246x189 mm
ISBN: 9781788492966

Category: Art/Craft

On her award-winning blog, Dainty Dress Diaries, Catherine Carton welcomes us into her ‘floral, chalk-painted, tea-dress-wearing corner of the internet’.

Here, in her first book, she shares over fifty of her favourite creative projects – upcycling, crafting, sewing, painting and gardening – many of which take unloved items and make them shine again.

Getting crafty is fun, but it also gives us a few moments of peace in our hectic, plugged-in lives. Spend an afternoon making rose-scented soaps or sewing a memory cushion; reuse old  crockery and learn to strip paint and upcycle furniture; or get your garden blooming with simple raised beds or a buzzin’ bee hotel.

The projects within these pages are for everyone, so take a break from the world, reignite your creative spark, and make your home a little bit more beautiful!

Catherine Carton

Catherine Carton is the lady behind the award-winning interiors and lifestyle blog daintydressdiaries.com. She is a lover of upcycling, recycling and making the old new again.

Dainty Dress Diaries was created in 2014. While brain-dumping potential names with a workmate, Catherine and her pal decided to go with ‘Dainty’ because Catherine is 4’11”, ‘Dress’ because all she wore was cute dresses, and ‘Diaries’ so that the blog could cover a wide range of topics.

In the beginning, Catherine mostly blogged about vintage style, fashion and homeware, but over the years she has become known for her warm personality and the unique creative projects she shares with her online community.




a new book with sustainability credentials offering multiple chances to creatively vamp up gaff in the process, involving minimal cost, if any. Written by Catherine Carton, our home-grown queen of DIY, upcycling, and make do and mend, she’s made it all nice and easy for us to grasp so far on her YouTube channel, Dainty Diaries, where 225,000 of us follow her, and on her Instagram, Dainty Dress Diaries, where 85,000 track and imitate her DIY crafting escapades … Her first book, Dainty Dress Diaries is especially good for those who believe they haven’t a creative or practical DIY-related thought in your head

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