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Towns on the Wild Atlantic Way

A fully illustrated guidebook to the many beautiful towns and places of interest to visit along the Wild Atlantic Way. 

  • Currently not availablePaperback€12.99

Stolen Faith

A forbidden love. A stolen child. A divided family

A novel by Jim McVeigh, set in Ireland and the US, that draws on both the mother and baby homes and the Boston clerical abuse scandals.

  • Currently not availablePaperback€14.99
  • Currently not availableE-Book (ePub)€9.99

Ash + Salt

From Survival to Empowerment after Sexual Assault

Sarah Grace is a sexual assault survivor. On 17 July 2019, she fell asleep like any other night. A burglar broke into her apartment and attacked her as she slept. That violent assault reduced her life to ashes. This powerful account of account of healing and thriving is also a call to arms.

  • Currently not availablePaperback€16.99
  • Currently not availableE-Book (ePub)€9.99

Bread and Butter

Cakes and Bakes from Granny's Stove

Bread & Butter is a nostalgic tribute to the simplicities of home-baking. The recipes reflect an Irish food heritage, with basic local ingredients and fresh produce, conjuring a romantic insight into a loving home, with the stove at its heartbeat.

  • Currently not availableHardback€19.99

Island Boy

Valentia, Skellig and my life at the ocean’s edge

‘There were twenty-five hours in my day then ... any job or challenge that the ocean or the harbour might offer was an option.’ From movies to oil rigs, damaged ships to deep-sea diving, running ferries and literally writing the book on the Skellig Islands, discover a unique life lived to the full.

  • Currently not availableHardback€19.99
  • Currently not availableE-Book (ePub)€9.99

Dainty Dress Diaries

50 Beautiful Home-Crafting Activities to Awaken Your Creativity

Based on Catherine Carton's popular blog and vlog channels, Dainty Dress Diaries contains a variety of afternoon craft projects, recycling and upcycling ideas, gardening tips and sewing inspiration.

  • Currently not availableHardback€19.99

All in the Cooking - Book II

Sequel to the perennially popular All in the Cooking.

  • Currently not availableHardback€17.99

Irish Thatched Cottages

A Living Tradition

The picturesque, white-washed thatched cottage is an iconic emblem of Ireland and beautiful examples of this still-living craft can be found all over the island today. This beautiful new addition to the O'Brien Heritage series is a celebration of the enduring beauty and wonder of Irish thatch. 

  • Currently not availableHardback€12.99