Cave of Secrets

Cave of Secrets

Pirates and crooked rulers make seventeenth-century Ireland a dangerous place. Tom’s father has had savage losses in business and his whole world is under pressure. Tom starts mixing with smugglers in Roaringwater Bay and learns all about boats and smuggling – and secret treasure. And then Tom discovers the best-kept secret of all ...

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Pirates and crooked rulers make seventeenth-century Ireland a dangerous place.

When Tom feels rejected by his father, he finds a secret second family among the group of smugglers who trade in and around Roaringwater Bay.

Though Tom doesn’t know it, his family in the Big House is under huge pressure. His father has had savage losses in business; his mother is always sad and worried, and his sisters have no hopes for a good future. This is seventeenth-century Ireland when cut-throat interests control everybody and everything, and land-grabbing is the order of the day. Friend turns into foe, and loyalty counts for nothing.

From his new family, Tom learns all about boats and smuggling – and secret treasure. And then Tom discovers the best-kept secret of all ...

Morgan Llywelyn

Historian and novelist Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York City, but after the death of her husband and parents in 1985 returned to Ireland to take up citizenship in the land of her grandparents and make her permanent home there.

After making the shortlist for the United States Olympic Team in Dressage in 1975, but not making the team itself, she turned to writing historical novels exploring her Celtic roots. The most successful of these was Lion of Ireland - The Legend of Brian Boru, which was published in 1980 and has sold into the millions of copies.

She received the Novel of the Year Award from the National League of American Penwomen for her novel The Horse Goddess as well as the Woman of the Year Award from the Irish-American Heritage Committee for Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish. The latter award was presented to her by Ed Koch, then-mayor of New York City.

Morgan is also the author of A Pocket History of Irish Rebels for the O'Brien Pocket Books Series.

In 1990 Morgan Llywelyn turned to writing for the young reader, with the publication of Brian Boru, Emperor of the Irish, a biography in the novelistic style, by The O'Brien Press, Dublin. For this book she won an Irish Children's Book Trust Bisto Award in 1991. Her second book for the young reader is Strongbow, The Story of Richard and Aoife (The O'Brien Press) 1992, for which she won a Bisto Award in the Historical Fiction category, 1993 and the Reading Association of Ireland Award, 1993. Her third novel for young readers, entitled Star Dancer, (The O'Brien Press) was drawn from her experience of the world of showjumping and dressage. She has also written The Vikings in Ireland, an exploration of what actually happened when the Norsemen landed in Ireland.

Morgan's latest book for children is Pirate Queen, the story of Grace O'Malley, told partly through letters from Granuaile to her beloved son. It is a thrilling tale of adventure that brings this unorthodox and inspiring historical figure to life.

for those fascinated by Irish history

Kirkus Reviews

universal and timeless plot situations, coupled with interesting characters, make this title as relevant to today’s readers as if it were set in the 21st century … an appealing tale for a broad audience

VOYA Magazine

'interesting and compelling'


'offers a fascinating and imaginative insight into 17th century Ireland with the excitement and romanticism of smugglers, caves and treasure'

'I'd recommend it for readers 10+ and definitely to those who like a smattering of history with their adventure'

'it intrigued me'

'well written historical novel'

'Llywelyn has established herself as the leading writer of Irish historical novels for children'

Books Ireland

'Dark family secrets, tangled webs of greed: you’ll love this smuggling adventure story'

Helen Corcorcan, Dubray Books, Grafton St.

'Cave of Secrets is Llywelyn at her best'

Books Ireland

'(Llywelyn) skillfully weaves fiction with historical fact'

Books Ireland


Books Ireland


Irish Parent Magazine

'another winner'

Irish Parent Magazine

'a rip-roaring yarn of loyalty and betrayal, pirates and smugglers'

Irish Independent


Evening Echo

'children of ten plus will ... enjoy the exciting story'

'a must read for ages 10+ and beyond'

Dolphin Booksellers Blog

'a thrilling adventure set in Ireland in the 1700's, full of adventure, suspense, deadly enemies and great friendships'

Dolphin Booksellers Blog

'will have the reader gripped'

CBI's Recommended Reads 2012

'brings history to life in a compelling and accessible way'

CBI's Recommended Reads 2012

'excitement and adventure'

CBI's Recommended Reads 2012

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