Billy Conker's Nature-Spotting Adventure

Billy Conker's Nature-Spotting Adventure

Billy Conker is a young conservationist who travels around the world, discovering amazing animals and plants and finding ways to help and protect them. Now you can join Billy on his mission! It’s not going to be easy. Some animals are already struggling – or even endangered – and these are the hardest to find.


Hardback: €16.99
Hardback: 32 pages
Size:285x225 mm
ISBN: 9781788492843

Hi, I’m Billy Conker!

I love to explore our natural world and discover all the amazing creatures living there, from snails and bees in my back garden to polar bears and great blue whales on the other side of the planet.

Now I need your help! We’re on a mission to find wild animals in their natural habitats. It won’t be easy: some are already struggling – or even endangered – and these are the hardest to spot.

Are you ready? Come on, then! Follow me and let’s get started …

Billy Conker is a young conservationist. He loves visiting different places around the world, discovering all the amazing animals and plants there and finding out how he can help them. Join Billy as he explores ponds and forests, oceans and coral reefs, deserts, prairies, cities and more!

Conor Busuttil

Conor Busuttil is a children’s picture book illustrator and passionate doodler. His most recent works include projects for the Blue Peter "Here be Dragons" competition, the exhibition and trail for Kew Gardens and working with Hampton Court Palace to bring their history to life for children. He was recently selected by The Eric Carle Museum as a rising star. 

Conor is a lover of all things nature. Growing up in a small country village on the Strangford Lough coast in County Down, he spent many a day exploring the marshy farmlands for tadpoles and newts, and the rocky coastline in search of the mysterious creatures the tide left behind in its seaweedy pools.

Magical and so much fun!

Ben Hoare, bestselling author of Nature's Treasures

perfect for nature fans. Every page is crammed with things to spot, from birds to insects, and the illustrations are wonderfully detailed

Irish Independent

The second you open the covers of this book you are brought along a whirlwind tour of all the major biomes in the world as well as various other habitats … The illustrations throughout this book are incredible and full of amazing detail. You immediately feel transported into each habitat as a result. For a book that isn’t very text heavy, you certainly learn a surprising amount of information on each habitat and the different species that live there. The story is beautifully written and I like how the author includes proper terminology along with definitions in brackets for the more uncommon words that some readers may require. In a classroom setting this is the type of book you could dip in and out of throughout the year depending on what topic you were covering in SESE. It is perfect for carpet time or as a whole class activity where each habitat can easily be displayed on your interactive whiteboard or panel and children can come up and circle each wild animal they find. Nature loving students and those with inquiring minds would love to curl up with this book and read in one sitting. It really is the type of book you’d pick up again and again. Every time you examine each habitat you discover even more to see and learn! I read this book with my 1st Year Special Class students and they loved it. They particularly enjoyed the ‘Did you know?’ section for each habitat. It led to further enquiry and exploring online! I think the author deals with a serious global issue in an engaging and child friendly way. The end sections on ‘Our Planet and Us’ and ‘Other Ways to Help’ are thought-provoking and a nice addition to the book. They certainly sparked wonderful conversations among my students … a fabulous asset to any classroom, library or home and is suitable for all ages. I found it extremely accessible for my students with special educational needs and really welcomed this feature. For that reason I’d give it a 10 out of 10 - By Niamh Brady, Special Class Teacher, Naas, Co. Kildare

Seomra Ranga

This lovely book is as visually appealing as it is informative, full of detailed, double-spread illustrations that young readers will pore over for hours. Each habitat is depicted in Busuttil's distinct illustrative style and comes complete with an "explorer's checklist" to tick off with each new creature they encounter. Billy Conker Is the perfect companion for wintery walks, from Christmas Day well into the new year

Irish Farmer's Journal

exciting and educational picture book full of weird and wonderful facts about our planet … Busuttil’s animated illustrations are insightful and full of character that transport you to a land far, far away. Recommended for ages six years and up

Irish Examiner

Anyone who has attempted to match real-life leaves or flowers, let alone male and female birds in flight, with the book illustrations given for school homework or scavenger hunts will appreciate the ingeniousness of Conor Busuttil’s nature scenes, where well-hidden wildlife appears in a wide variety of guises. In particular, the endangered species on each page are the hardest to spot, subtly emphasising their scarcity. Woodland and pond scenes provide perfect camouflage for dozens of species, above and below ground, and sharp eyes are required to spot a pine marten peeping out of the undergrowth or a water vole hidden in the reeds. What’s rather easier to spot is the human waste, which is an unpleasant but realistic addition to the illustrations of Busuttil, whose appreciation of nature originated in his childhood spent on the Strangford Lough coast of Co Down. His brand of nature-spotting extends much further than the checklists of an I-Spy guide, venturing into an exploration of human impacts on habitat … with pointers for young conservationists on planting bee-friendly flowers, walking or cycling to school, and making bug hotels - all small actions that collectively can produce big change. Its whimsical illustrations reminiscent of characters from Chris Riddell’s The Edge Chronicles, Billy Conker’s Nature-Spotting Adventure is a quirky introduction to conservation and eco-awareness for readers aged under nine… starting small with individual actions can make a real difference, and the biggest and best ideas can come from the youngest of people

Evening Echo

A nature book with a difference. Yes, this is a book about the natural world. Yes, this is a book that encourages exploitation and wonder, but this is also a nature book that can’t stay in one place, that wants to explore as far and wide as possible. It wants you and I to join it on its travels too, I did and I loved it, I learnt a lot too and so I encourage you to do the same … Beautifully illustrated throughout with some of the most magnificent wonders of the natural world this is a fascinating and eye-opening guide for all nature lovers


like a Where’s Wally for nature lovers! Every spread is packed with detail. It’s a wonderful book for sharing with a child of age 4+

Sarah Webb

beautifully written and illustrated

Irish Mail on Sunday

certain to keep readers occupied for hours

Westmeath Examiner

just the book for any child, even the big child in you … This is the book I would have loved when I was a child … The illustrations are beautiful and colourful … It’s a lovely way to teach [kids] about climate change ... it’s a lovely way to introduce them to the dangers of it without terrifying them … the illustrations are gorgeous

WLR FM’s The Saturday Café

Teaching Resources: free to view and download

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