A Haunted Land

A Haunted Land

Ireland's Ghosts

Stories of the amazing variety of hauntings to be experienced throughout the country.

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The spirits of the dead return in many shapes and in many locations in Ireland. There are the wraith-like ghosts and the full-bodied type, the dangerous and damaging, the threatening and the merely frightening. There are notorious buildings where down through the centuries spectres have been seen or heard, some, such as Leap Castle, where psychics have been overwhelmed by the intensity of the atmosphere. There are families pursued by spirits who warn them of impending death or seem to be trying to get back at them for some long-forgotten wrongdoing. Here are stories and details of the amazing variety of hauntings to be experienced throughout the country.

No one is sure where Bob Curran comes from. Tradition says that one moment he wasn’t there and the next moment he was in County Down. He has, however, held various jobs – including gravedigger, hospital porter, civil servant and teacher – has studied History and Education at the New University of Ulster, and has received a Ph.D. in Educational Social Psychology. Bob has a strong interest in local history and folklore, and has both written and lectured on these subjects; he is a frequent contributor to radio, and has appeared on television co-presenting programmes on heritage and history. It is said that Bob currently lives somewhere in north Antrim, with his teacher wife and two small children; but it is difficult to be sure, as he is seen only ‘between the lights’ (at twilight), and then only by a fortunate few.

'Out of Bob Curran's clutch of ghost stories comes the hilarious and the truly horrific.'

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