Fruit on the Table

Fruit on the Table

Seasonal recipes from The Green Apron kitchen

Written by Theresa Storey, Photographs by Valerie O'Connor

Drawn on three decades of experience of The Green Apron farm, Fruit on the Table shows the versatility of fruit for jams, pickles, sauces and full meals!

Hardback: €19.99
Hardback: 208 pages
Size:246x189 mm
ISBN: 9781847177773

Category: Food and Drink

A beautiful hardback following the seasons: Jan-April, May-July, Aug-Oct, Halloween-Christmas. It covers a full range of meals for today’s living, will include most occasions – school snacks, main meals, desserts, jams, chutneys, relishes, soups, etc. with photos of fruit before picking and of meals/preserves, etc. and notes on foraging and growing.

Drawn on three decades of experience, Fruit on the Table shows the versatility of fruit for jams, pickles, sauces and full meals!

Imagine sitting in the morning sunshine
eating nectarine jam on warm croissants …

Theresa Storey of The Green Apron celebrates four seasons of fruit with recipes for sweet favourites like cherry pie and strawberry jam, as well as savoury dishes such as sole Véronique and lamb and fig tagine. She also includes a few surprises, like blackberry whiskey, fruit roll-ups and tomato tapenade.


With over one hundred easy-to-follow recipes, and tips for growing, preserving and drying fruit, this beautiful book shows you how to bring fruit to all dining occasions, all year round.   

where other people make jams, chutneys and relishes, Mrs Storey makes magic, and her book is filled with the sort of ideas, secrets and concepts that will make your cooking better

McKenna Guides

provides the perfect recipes for making the most of autumn’s harvest bounty

Irish Examiner

absolutely gorgeous

gorgeous … celebrates fruit from all four seasons … bound to keep us cooking, baking and preserving all year round

Easy Food Magazine

From start to finish, Fruit on the Table is a joy to read


Theresa Storey is a great cook. Anyone who has ever bought one of her jars of jams and chutneys, sold from her Green Apron market stall, will know that already. Here is a cook whose instinct, and accuracy, with flavours is unerring. Ms Storey seems to always know the right moment: when to pick the fruit; when to stop the cooking; when to seize the day and the flavours of the day. Her book runs from marmalade to prune tarts, via mojito marmalade and Batley cake and Finnish blueberry pie. Fruit on the Table displays Ms Storey’s capacious confidence in the best possible way: she makes you feel that you can confidently pull off every single recipe, that your own Busy-Day cake will be just the ticket. There is a relish not just in the recipes themselves, but in the chatty and wise writing: “Sometimes you just need cake, and you need it now”; “I love rhubarb jam, but it’s a pain to make”; “We ate a lot of these cookies as kids because when you grow a lot of pumpkins you need to eat a lot of pumpkin!”. This book is a sheer delight, and it's going to make Theresa Storey Ireland's most famous producer of preserves.

McKenna’s Guides

it’s a real beauty

Nessa Robins

gorgeous recipes … a beautiful, beautiful book

Limerick’s Live 95FM ‘Limerick Today’
Valerie O'Connor

VALERIE O’CONNOR is a cook, food writer and photographer; her column inches can be found in many national newspapers. She teaches classes in traditional cooking skills and has worked in professional kitchens from Brussels to Malaysia. She is a qualified Organic Horticulturalist and blogs about her food adventures at

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