Fond Memory

Fond Memory

Consoling Words from the Irish Tradition

Verses and readings for times of sorrow and remembrance or to be read at funerals.

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For times of sorrow and remembrance or to be read at funerals.

Fond memory brings the light

Of other days around me ...

Thomas Moore

Of all good times that e'er we shared,

I leave to you fond memory ...

Irish Traditional

In times of sorrow, grief or loss we often look to our poets and songwriters, to our heritage and tradition for words of comfort, hope and inspiration. We look too for those words that reflect our sense of place, of belonging, words that sum up our deepest feelings about a loved one.

Here, for the first time, is a collection specific to the Irish experience.Old and modern -- poetry, prayers, songs, phrases, blessings -- fitting words to express your heartfelt grief and to bring solace and healing.

'a brilliant resource for the times when we are all stuck for words -- in sorrow, grief or loss. A collection of songs, poems, sayings and prayers that will celebrate remembrance, you'll find it full of moving excerpts.'

Woman's Way Woman's Way

'Although other such collections exist, this one uniquely features an all-Irish cast, making it a fitting tool for both the relations and friends of Irish people and for the Irish diaspora abroad. As well as works chosen for their power and poingnancy, there are poems for quiet personal reflection, to which we can turn after and before funeral ceremonies for solace. Not only for dealing with loss, Fond Memory is, in itself, a wonderful collection of Irish works.'

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