Flossie McFluff

Flossie McFluff

An Irish Fairy

Written by Eoin O'Brien, Illustrated by Audrey Dowling

Three stories in rhyme about little fairy Flossie McFluff. Flossie may be tiny and shiny, but she is tough and smart, whether it's helping to deal with litter louts in her precious forest, or helping a leprechaun to find his missing gold. Beautifully and magically illustrated.

Paperback: €9.99
Paperback: 32 pages
Size:256x205 mm
ISBN: 9781788492188

In a deep leafy wood, by a slow-moving stream,
Where butterflies flutter through golden sunbeams,
Lives a beautiful fairy called Flossie McFluff.
She’s tiny and shiny, but Flossie is tough.

She has magical powers; she knows magic words;
And she cares for the trees and the bees and the birds.
Wee Flossie lives high in an ancient oak tree,
And lives for adventure, as we shall soon see …

Three stories in rhyme about a little fairy who looks after the forest.

In the first tale, she gives some litter louts a scare, then she helps a lonely banshee find some friends, and finally helps her leprechaun friend Paddy Potts find his missing gold.

Eoin O'Brien

Eoin O’Brien is a songwriter and musician, a writer and illustrator.
He enjoys nothing more than a good old singsong around a kitchen table or a bonfire. He lives with his fantastic wife, two beautiful children and a dog, in historic Glasnevin in north Dublin.

Audrey Dowling

Audrey Dowling is a French artist and illustrator living in County Kilkenny. She initially pursued a career in the fashion industry in Paris but somehow ended up in the Irish countryside. Her surroundings inspire her work, as well as folklore from all cultures, fairy tales and vintage imagery. Her universe is colourful and narrative, often praised as graceful and poetic.

The colourful illustrations are intricate in detail and each page is framed or decorated with traditional Celtic symbols where the meeting of these features echo the fluid nature and aesthetic of the artwork found in The Book of Kells. This is a charming collection of rhythmic stories that couples as a practical and engaging introduction to young readers about the necessity of cadence and flow in the read and enjoyment of poetry. Recommended for three- to seven-year-olds

Irish Examiner

The courage and kindness of this feisty little fairy is demonstrated in three lively stories, with magical illustrations … The rhyming text bounces along tunefully and the illustrations are delightful. The words and images combine to create a captivating fairy realm that will appeal to little readers. These tales are fun to read aloud and quite short, so parents won't mind when they inevitably have to read all of them at once. Children will love getting three bedtime stories in one go! Flossie Mc Fluff features familiar creatures from Irish mythology and celebrates the splendour of the Irish countryside in all its green glory. Celtic-style borders decorate many of the pages. It's ideal for sending to friends and family who are living abroad and can't make it to Ireland at the moment. Flossie would also make an excellent souvenir for visitors to this country when the time is right. Flossie is a fantastic character and it's brilliant to see a fairy that challenges some of the frillier stereotypes ... Flossie's adventures are a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of caring for the environment and helping others. Despite all Flossie's magic, she never forgets that compassion is a far greater power, or how, "a good friend is worth more than a leprechaun's treasure." Good children's books are just as precious, and this hopefully isn't the last we see of Flossie Mc Fluff!

Picture Book Snob

Sweet little fluttery folk, or sneaky, shape-shifting stealers of souls and even children? The little people, sometimes benevolently angelic but just as often portrayed as magical mischief-makers, have a complex history in children’s literature, due in no small part to the broad range of perceptions of what actually constitutes a fairytale. Into the mix comes another elfish enigma. Despite her dainty name, Flossie McFluff is a fairy for the modern age, and, like some flying squad eco-warrior, takes militant action against anyone who dares litter her local forest … Dublin author Eoin O’Brien, himself a singer and musician, brings rhythm and rhyme to this collection of three short fairy stories, gracefully illustrated by the Kilkenny-based French artist Audrey Dowling

Evening Echo

Beautifully and magically illustrated


I score this book 10 out of 10

Jake Age 7

Seomra Ranga

I like the way the pictures look. I give the book 10 out of 10. Everyone should read this book

Caitlin Age 8


Seomra Ranga

This collection of three short stories from Eoin O’Brien takes its inspiration from ancient Irish folklore, but the plots also draw on contemporary concerns: think banshees, leprechauns and littering. The gentle rhyming couplets and large format text will encourage newly independent readers to tackle the book on their own, but young story-lovers will happily follow Dowling’s vibrant pictures as their parents read aloud to them

Business Post

Beautifully and magically illustrated

RTE Guide

Flossie McFluff is a magnetizing book with addictive rhymes and an Irish filter. There are no twee Irish tall tales here but pure fun and joy. We get to follow Irish fairy Flossie on her journey throughout the day, involving sorting out litterbugs, helping lonely banshees, a lost crock of gold and good times. Illustrated by Audrey Dowling, we get a visual adventure set to the sweet rhymes of Eoin O'Brien, This book bounces along lyricially. I read this to my toddler and he loved it and read it to my 6th class - inspiration on a rhyming poem exercise - and they loved it too. Flossie also comes with several free worksheets from the publisher's website. This big-hearted book about a little fairy who looks after the forest can be enjoyed by all ages and is a lavish publication which will thoroughly delight readers. Celtic-style symbols and flourishes decorate many of the pages. I highly recommend this book to all ages, in the classroom, staffroom and abroad

InTouch Magazine

Flossie McFluff is a series of new Irish tales that will inspire children and adults to search for fairies the next time they’re walking through the woods. The book brings traditional Irish myths into a modern setting, with an unmistakeably modern Irish voice serving as narrator. She is a feisty fairy who demonstrates the importance of kindness and friendship with each tale. The stories told through rhyme, combined with Dowling’s bright and colourful illustrations, will transport readers to Flossie’s magical forest. Adventure and magic await anyone who opens this book.

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Teaching Resources: free to view and download

  • Download Activity sheets: Cheer Bridget the Banshee up! Colouring activity

  • Download Activity sheets: Colour Flossie McFluff's house

  • Download Activity sheets: Help Paddy Potts the Leprechaun find his crock of gold ...

  • Download Activity sheets: Join the dots to see who is singing a song!

  • Download Activity sheets: Spot the 10 differences between two Flossie pictures

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