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Black Mountain

and other stories

Written by Gerry Adams, Foreword by Timothy O'Grady
Black's Creek
Blue the Brave

Hazel Tree Farm

Written by Alma Jordan, Illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs
The Book of Secrets
Written by Alex Dunne, Cover illustration by Shona Shirley Macdonald
A Cage of Roots

Book 1 in the Ayla Trilogy

Written by and Illustrated by Matt Griffin
The Children of Croke Park

Bloody Sunday 1920

A Crack in Everything

Welcome to the other side

A Darkness at the End

The shadows know your name ...

The Dead House

... the past holds constant sway ...

Dead of Winter
Dublin Noir

The Celtic Tiger vs. The Ugly American

Edited by Ken Bruen
Written by James Joyce, Introduced by John Boyne