Fairy Hill

Fairy Hill

Written by Marita Conlon-McKenna, Cover illustration by Phillip Cullen

The long-awaited new children’s book from Ireland’s beloved storyteller, bestselling author of Under the Hawthorn Tree, Marita Conlon-McKenna. 

When Anna is sent to stay with her dad at Fairy Hill, strange happenings make her begin to wonder if the fairies she’s heard about are real. And if they are, could her little brother Jack be in real danger?

Paperback: €12.99
This edition is not available yet.
Published: February
Paperback: 288 pages
Size:216x150 mm
ISBN: 9781788493604

E-Book (ePub): €8.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
This edition is not available yet.
Published: February
ISBN: 9781788494274

Category: Fiction

Strange things are happening in Fairy Hill.

Thirteen-year-old Anna is upset when she is sent to stay with her dad and his new family at Fairy Hill in the west of Ireland. Hearing whispers in the wind, Anna senses she is being watched, but nobody believes her except the mysterious boy down by the lake. When her little half-brother, Jack, nearly gets lost, Anna suspects that someone is trying to steal him away. She wonders if the stories about the old house and the fairies are true. And if they are, could Jack be in real danger?

Marita Conlon-McKenna Phillip Cullen

MARITA CONLON-McKENNA is one of Ireland’s most popular, award-winning children’s authors. She has written numerous award-winning and best-selling books, and they have been translated into many languages. Under the Hawthorn Tree, her first novel, became an immediate bestseller and has been described as ‘the biggest success story in children’s historical fiction’. Its sequels, Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home, which complete the Children of the Famine trilogy, have also been hugely successful.

Other books by Marita Conlon-McKenna include: No Goodbye, Safe Harbour, The Blue Horse, In Deep Dark Wood, and A Girl Called Blue. Under the Hawthorn Tree is also available on DVD. Visit www.obrien.ie for full details of all Marita’s books.

‘Marita ... is a natural storyteller.’


Martin Waddell

‘In all of Conlon-McKenna’s books there is an underlying sense of resilience, of self-reliance and of enterprise in even the poorest of people.’

The Big Guide to Irish Children’s Books CELIA KEENAN

‘Conlon-McKenna sees herself very much as a storyteller, and the outstanding feature of her work is its strong narrative thrust.’

The Cambridge Guide to Children’s Books in English VICTOR WATSON

I’ve read this and it’s brilliant! It’s Marita at her best ... this cracking new book features a brave girl who fights back against the fairies who are determined to steal her little brother away  

Sarah Webb

wonderful ... a page turning adventure full of bravery, fairies & friendship. Highly recommended

Halfway Up the Stairs

Set in the west of Ireland with inspiration drawn from Irish folklore and culture, 13-year-old Anna is thrown into the deep end when sent from London to spend time with her father and his new family. But when beguiling and bewildering events occur, Anna has a feeling there might be some truth in the tall tales she’s told about the landscape she finds herself in … Another triumph from one of Ireland’s most beloved authors

Irish Examiner

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