The Story of a City

In exquisitely detailed illustrations and engaging words, Stephen Conlin and Peter Harbison bring alive the story of Dublin – its architecture and streetscapes, its government and its people – from Viking times to the present day.

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Hardback: 240 pages
Size:280x240 mm
ISBN: 9781847178138

Dublin has taken many forms over the last millennium: first a Scandinavian settlement, linked by kinship to Norway; then a medieval town that formed part of a Norman sphere of influence across Western Europe. By the eighteenth century, it was a ‘polite’ city of the British Empire, before gaining independence and developing into a bustling, modern European capital.

Merging archaeology with art, Stephen Conlin’s beautifully crafted views recreate Dublin’s most famous areas and buildings at key times in their development, such as Wood Quay in 1254, Parliament House circa 1760, O’Connell Street in 1945, and the Grand Canal Basin today. This wonderful imagery is complemented and enhanced by the vivid text of Peter Harbison, which moves through time to provide an entertaining history of Dublin, its people and its landmarks.

Also available as a signed, limited edition with slipcase and special cover design. ISBN 9781847179227.

Stephen Conlin

Stephen Conlin was born in County Armagh, studied in Dublin and Belfast, and now divides his time between England and the Czech Republic. An early interest in historic buildings led to exhibitions and illustration work, including several postage stamp issues for An Post. He regularly carries out commissions for conservation bodies such as the National Trust in the UK, Historic Environment Scotland, English Heritage and Country Life magazine. His work is in the Royal Collection and public collections. He has been involved in fundraising for the Frauenkirche in Dresden, numerous Czech historic sites, and for Armagh Public Library.

Peter Harbison

Dr Peter Harbison was honorary academic editor of the Royal Irish Academy, Professor of Archaeology at the Royal Hibernian Academy, and an honorary fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. He studied archaeology at UCD and the University of Marburg and was editor of Ireland of the Welcomes for nine years. The author of some thirty-five books on Irish archaeology and art, he was published on both sides of the Atlantic, including Guide to National and Historic Monuments of Ireland, Cooper’s Ireland, The High Crosses of Ireland, and Pre-Christian Ireland. Peter died in May 2023.

the reader can visualise the development of Dublin from its Viking origins to an imperial city … thanks to Conlin’s artwork

Archaeology Ireland

illustrations and text complement each another in a harmonious whole which is a delight to the reader … sumptuous … a treasure of a book, a feast for the eye and the mind … a book for all who love Dublin

Dublin Historical Record, journal of the Old Dublin Society

beautifully produced … an extremely talented artist and an assiduous and talented scholar

Irish Catholic Magazine

very attractive, beautifully illustrated book that brings a fresh approach to the well-known story of Ireland’s capital, from its Viking origins, through the medieval city to the modern metropolis

Books Ireland

exciting … the people of Dublin and their cityscape evolving through the ages are magically conjured within the pages of this book … this is a splendid achievement which should have a place in every school in the capital, if not in every house, packed as it is with information presented in a thoughtfully designed and well-produced volume of the highest quality

Irish Arts Review

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